The “O” Antiphons- Advents final push

72804_floral_o_smOur final Advent preparation is upon us. The Feast of Our Lord’s Birth of is about to dawn. The “O” Antiphons are part of the Church’s liturgical tradition in the final days of Advent. They present seven of the Messiah’s attributes from Sacred Scripture. Rhey are recited at Vespers from December 17 thru December 23 in the Roman Rite. The O Antiphons appear to be of very ancient origin, however, there is no precise dating of the O Antiphons. The oldest reference of these Antiphons comes from Boethius (480-425) who seemed to refer to them. They were part of the liturgy in Rome by the 8th century and continue to be a great part of our liturgical tradition today. From all the evidence, it can be assumed that the O Antiphons date back to the very early Church.

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  1. Thank you so much for a very succinct explanation of the ‘O’ Antiphons. I’ve wanted to describe these to my daily Mass goers.

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