DVD Review: “Lead Kindly Light – The Life and Message of Blessed John Henry Newman”

Lead-Kindly-LightI must admit that I did not know much at all about Blessed John Henry Newman. This DVD was indeed a treat. The documentary presents the man who had many conversions throughout his life, as does any man who is searching for the truth. Newman’s search finally lead him to the ultimate conversion, to enter the Roman Catholic Church. A decision that lost him many friends, but gained him so many more. His great struggle difficult decision opened a door that eventually lead him to the Catholic Priesthood. Pope Leo XIII gave him the greatest honor of raising Newman to the Collage of Cardinals, a great confirmation of his faithfulness to Christ. Despite his great honors and notoriety, Blessed John Henry Newman always had the heart of a shepherd and lived the life of a parish priest. This DVD will inspire you in your own search for Christ, whether you are a non-Catholic probing the mysteries of life, or a life long Catholic constantly seeking to penetrate Him who Is Truth.