“Jesus Has Come Back”

Last evening, Sacra Liturgia USA 2015 concluded with a Solemn High Pontifical Mass, celebrated by Bishop Joseph Perry. At the conclusion of the Mass, there was a Solemn Echaristic Procession for the Feast of Corpus Christi. Hundreds of Catholics, including priests, deacons, seminarians and laity exited St. Catherine of Siena Church on E. 68th St. and headed south on 1st Avenue. Traffic was being directed by the great men in blue of NYC. Our first stop was St. John Nepomucene on the corner of 1st Avenue and E 66th St. After a period of Adoration, we once again took to the streets. Exiting St. John’s, we continued east on E 66th St., heading toward out final destination, St. Vincent Ferrer on the corner of E 66th St. and Lexington Ave. You can view the route of our procession on Google Maps. Along the pilgrimage route, all carried a processional candle to light the way for the Living Lord Jesus. Along the route, there was no heckling, but you could see many did not know what the “parade” was all about. Hymns were sung in both Latin and the vernacular. Along E 66th St., I had a very beautiful experience. A doorman for one of the apartment buildings was standing outside observing the procession, people were looking out windows and watching all along the way. However, as we approached the doorman, I clearly heard him say: “It has returned!” “It has come back!” A nearby woman asked him what had returned. He went on to say: “The Corpus Christi Procession.” “Jesus has has come back.” I was deeply moved by the excitement of this man, and the simple sharing of his faith with a woman who did not know, “Jesus has come back!” Tradition works! If we want to see the New Evangelization bear fruit, it begins with the Sacred Liturgy, so that everyone can witness that “Jesus has come back!