98th Anniversary of the Miracle of Fatima

IMG_3300Today is the 98th Anniversary of the Miracle of the sun at Fatima, Portugal. This was how our Lady completed her apparitions. It is claimed that some 100,000 people were present for this event. During the night before and during the day of 13 October 1917, there was a heavy rain. The fields were completely saturated. People who had gathered were soaked to the bone. Despite it all, they knelt in prayer waiting for the promised miracle. It was said to arrive at Noon. In their waiting, people grew discouraged, wondering if a miracle was coming or if they had been deceived. The children waited at the spot and prayed their rosaries as they usually did. finally, when the sun reached it’s climax, Our Lady appeared. After a short conversation with the children. The Lady announced that she wish a chapel to be built in her honor and that they were to pray the Rosary each day and the war would come to an end. Then, the Lady  announced: “I am the Lady of the Rosary.” When Our Lady rose up into the east for the las time, the rain stops and the clouds disappeared. In the place of the sun, the children saw St. People_looking_miracle_sunJoseph with the Child Jesus and Our Lady. They pointed to the place and all the people saw the sun begin to gyrate in the sky, loose it self from it’s axis and hurl itself toward the earth. People began to scream and run in fear that the world was about to end. Suddenly, the sun returned to the sky. The earth and everyones clothing was dry. The miracle was witnessed for miles around. Our Lady later told Sr. Lucia that if people had responded to her messages, the miracle would have been much greater. What can we learn from these great signs? God has given Our Lady power over even the elements. With prayer, especially that requested by Our Lady, the Holy Rosary, we can change world events. With the Rosary the two great wars were brought to an end. Let us respond to Our Lady’s messages and help bring about her triumph and the triumph of the King of Peace.

IMG_3302Although there is no Mass of Our Lady of Fatima today, I offered a votive Mass of Our Lady. The collect of Mass #8 is beautiful, requesting to “be freed by her motherly intercession from all evils on earth and merit attainment of eternal joys in heaven.” We need our heavenly mother and her powerful intercession. History shows the power of the Rosary and our Lady’s intercession. Let us change the world today with the help of Our Lady.



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  1. Thank you Father, for sharing powerful words on what has regrettably morphed into jewelry for rap “stars” and other “gangstas.” Yes, I am talking about the Rosary. I still pray it and carry one with me daily.

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