iPadre #336 – Saint Michael the Archangel

In this episode, i share my homily for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. “A time of great distress.” We also have some feedback and talk about a prayer for priests and Consecrated Virginity.

iPadre #127 – Consecrated Virginity
Prayer for Priests
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One thought on “iPadre #336 – Saint Michael the Archangel

  1. Hi Fr Jay. My son, XXXXX is discerning the priesthood. It’s been quite a struggle to say the least. Our wonderful Lord has been shutting doors to XXXXX since high school which has served to increase his faith and humility. As a parent I feel my job is to stand back, pray and encourage him in any way possible and to let him know we support his decision. In the meantime he wears sacramentals like the scapular and always has his rosary. Do you know a convent or monestary that makes or has old rosaries or scapular that they might sell or give away for special reasons. I would be very grateful. As I know Andrew would just love this for Christmas. Thx so much Father

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