Grow in the glow!


The Liturgical calendar for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite celebrates an Octave of Pentecost. I wonder the rational for removing this beautiful Octave, especially since Pentecost is the feast of the birth of the Holy Church. Not a big problem for me since I celebrate both forms of the Roman Rite and plan on taking the opportunity to celebrate the Octave at least a couple of times in a private Low Mass.

However, for those of us in parish ministry, who want to have some sort of continuity with the beautiful tradition of the Octave of Pentecost, it is possible to celebrate a Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit. In fact, this year we can celebrate the Votive Mass every day of what would be the Octave, since there are no obligatory memorials in the Ordinary Form.

So, my suggestion is – Grow in the glow!