Liberals need to stop the judging!

On Thursday, an outgoing rector did a very disturbing interview with the National Schismatic Reporter (as lovingly named by my friend Fr. Z). In the interview, Fr. Brown attacked those priests who had been formed during the Pontificates of Benedict XVI and John Paul II as being overly focused “on the sacerdotal nature of the priesthood” and excessively centered on “small things” like “the cassock, Communion only on the tongue and not in the hand, to name two.” The article was quite unfair and judgmental to say the least. I was planning on writing a response, but came across a great response by good young priest from Maine, Fr. Kyle Doustou.

I must ask, when will the rigid liberals get off their high horse and stop judging those priests who don’t think like they do?

Anyway, go over to the Liturgy Guy and read Fr. Doustou’s response: “A Young Priest Sets the Record Straight for the Catholic Left.”


5 thoughts on “Liberals need to stop the judging!

  1. Good article point Father. I bet he failed to mention that vocations under St. JPII and BXVI increased dramatically. Also people are hungry for the more “Traditonal” Catholicism vs some watered down version of what ever you want to call it. Thanks for sharing

  2. “Liberals need to stop judging” says the guy who calls The National Catholic Reporter “The National Schismatic Reporters!” An unfortunate way to start an article. However I must say I too find myself rolling my eyes at some of the stuff in The NCR. Now that I think of it…I can’t remember the last time I read The NCR.

      • Fr. Jay is correct. The REPORTER never misses an opportunity for a negative headline about the RC Church. And while I might disagree — in fact, do disagree — about the place of the Latin mass in today’s Church, I think that our young priests are indeed hard working. They better be. They’ll all be covering two or three parishes shortly.

        • I live two hours from the nearest Latin Mass. Yesterday, while visiting my sister in another state, I was able to go to a magnificent Latin Mass – what a memorable Pentecost! It was like being in heaven.

          And, “Liberals Need to Stop Judging” is just the right title for this article – and the heart-felt, truthful words from the young priest are long overdue. Thank God for his courage to speak what needed to be said.

          And, thank God for him and priests like him who sacrifice themselves day after day – not pandering to the lowest common denominator but helping us come closer to God.

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