The Little White Guest

Holy Communion

Fr. Nicholas Fleming giving Holy Communion at his 1st Mass of Thanksgiving.

Today, we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi. This is a day to thank God we are Catholic. We have the fruit of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Most Blessed Sacrament. As little children, fed by their mother, we are fed and nourished with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

What kind of God is He that becomes our food? He lowered Himself to take on our human nature, but lowers Himself even more to become our food. Our Divine Savior transforms a little host so that He can enter into our bodies. He promised: “I will be with you until the end of the ages.” Our Lord keeps His promise through His divine command to His priests “Do this in memory of Me.”

This great truth of the real presence should inspire both love and awe. Love for Our Lord, Who willing offerers Himself as a Sacred Banquet, the “Living Bread come down from heaven.” It has been repeated endlessly of the Protestant who said: “If I believed what you believe, I would crawl up to the altar on my hands and knees to receive what you believe is Jesus.” The Eucharist Lord should also inspire great love. Bless Mother Teresa of Calcutta put it simply when she said: “We all know, when we look at the cross, how Jesus loved us. When we look at the Eucharist we know how much He loves us now.”

Let us never take for granted and always reverence with great love, the Little White Guest, Our Lord Jesus in the consecrate host.

The Little White Guest

To listen, click here and go down to the fourth song.

You have come to my heart, dearest Jesus,
I’m holding You close to my breast;
I’m telling You over and over,
You are welcome, my Little White Guest.

And now that You’ve come dearest Jesus
To nestle so close to my breast
I whisper I love You my Jesus
You are welcome my Little White Guest.

I love You, I love You, my Jesus,
O please do not think I am bold;
Of course, You must know that I love You,
But I am sure that you like to be told.

And when I shall meet You in Heaven,
My soul then will lean on Your breast;
And You will recall our fond meetings,
When You were my Little White Guest.

I’ll whisper, “I love You, my Jesus,”
And ask that we never may part;
I love You, O kind, loving Jesus
And press You still nearer my heart.

author: Sister Myra, CSJ
publ: McLaughlin & Reilly, Boston


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