Return of the Gypsy Moth

In 1981, the whole Northeast had a massive infestation of Gypsy Moths. There were places that the sides of buildings would be covered and you could hear them popping as you drove down the street.

I think this is going to be another one of those years. I noticed them all over the walk when I arrived home on my day off. As I was working in the woods, I could actually hear them eating the trees. You might think that is an exaggeration, but if you stand still for a moment and listen, you can hear them eating away at the trees. It almost sounds like soft raindrops hitting the leaves.

Here are a few pictures.

Gypsy Moths having a feast on the trees.

Gypsy Moths having a feast on the trees.

Gypsy Moth eaten tree

Another week and all the leaves will be gone

One thought on “Return of the Gypsy Moth

  1. I remember the last one, although I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida that year, where we didn’t hear about it as much. There were little boxes on the trees to attract the moths, but I don’t recall whether they had any effect.

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