St. Bridget prayers update

One of the most popular posts on my blog is the 7 St. Bridget Prayers. It is a 12 year commitment to say the prayers every day. There has been a lively discussion about the promises, but in the end, they really don’t matter. What matters most about these prayers are that it is a commitment to daily prayer, and for a 12 year period. One must not rush through them as if their house is on fire. Our prayer must lead us to contemplation of the mysteries of God. I have now been praying them for over three years. My original booklet is great to keep in your home, a larger bible or prayer book. But, I wanted something smaller, something that can fit in a small pocket, purse, or the Brievary. In the new printable version, you can print two on a 8.5″x 11″ standard US Letter, cut it in half and have two copies. I have placed the link on the original page. I printed mine on a heavier card stock for endurance. You can get it here.

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  1. My dad said them everyday well beyond the 12 years. He was diagnosed with severe macular degeneration in the 1990’s and was told blindness was emminate. It never happened. He passed away in 2012 at 93 years old all sences in tact

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