Father Jay Finelli

Father Jay Finelli is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence in the state of Rhode Island. He began building web pages in 1995 and started podcasting in September of 2005. This is a great new means of evangelization. Pope John Paul II said that we are in need of a new evangelization. Podcasting is a small part of this new work of evangelization. All of us need to do our part in spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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  2. Father J,
    I love your podcast, Will you give us information on what we need to know about the 3 days of darkness? I feel we need to reach and inform everyone.
    Thank you
    Christi in Arizona

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  5. Re: Podcast #3 – Ordination of a Catholic Priest

    I am teaching a group of Boy Scouts the Ad Altare Dei Religious emblem. In the Holy Orders chapter, we need to view an ordination of a Catholic Priest. The place we will be at does not have internet. I would like to download a copy of the video on my computer, but it is not available on iTunes. Is there another way I can get a copy of the video?


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