iPadre #190 – Is the Church and empty shell?

How do we know that the Church is alive?  How do we know that the Holy Spirit is acting in the Church today?  Many people think the Church is dead, but it is alive and well.  God the Holy Spirit is acting in the Church today as He acted in the Holy Spirit 2000 years ago and as he has acted through the centuries.  In this episode, we will examing a few of the many proofs that the Holy Spirit is alive and well in the Catholic Church, and has been continuously since it was founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ and He sent His Holy Spirit upon it 2000 years ago.

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iPadre #159 – No Spirit, No Church

Why did the Apostles and early disciples hide themselves in the upper room?  And why  is it that today, we Catholic’s often hide ourselves from the world around us?  In today’s show, we talk with Fr. John Randall about his latest book, “No Spirit… No Church”.  Fr. Randall shares about the golden age of the Church, which he experienced when he was in the seminary and how all all came crumbling down in  a few short years.  In his book, he offers the solution that he used and saw it build up two dying parishes.  We also go over some eMail.

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