iPadre #154 – Marytown

In this episode, I take you on a sound seeing tour of Marytown in Libertyville, IL.  I share with you my week and how I learned the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and we cover feedback. – “Mary’s Got My Back” … Continue reading

iPadre #73 – Thou art a priest forever, even on vacation

Priests take vacation, but they are always priests. I’ll share with you some of my vacations. I also interview some friends who talk about their parish and the traditional Latin Mass. – Railroad Town by Dave Potts – The Tutwiler Studio – The Waushakum … Continue reading

iPadre #66 – Motappropriate

Let’s talk about the Mass. We begin with the Entrance Rites and Liturgy of the Word. Also news. The long rumored Moto Proprio becomes reality. – By Your Love by Matthew Casteel – Time to nominate this podcast for the 2007 Podcast … Continue reading