iPadre #302 – Dolores Hart: Hollywood Heartthrob Become Nun

In this show, we have an interview with former Hollywood heartthrob become Benedictine Nun – Mother Dolores Hart. I have a little feedback and Sarah Reinhard brings us a new Mary Moment. And, I’ll tell you more about the problem … Continue reading

iPadre Videocast #8 – Visit with the Capuchin Sisters of Nazareth


I recently visited some dear friends of mine, the Capuchin Sisters of Nazareth at their new Postulant house in Bastress, PA. Meet the young women preparing to become Capuchin Sisters at the Mother of the Eucharist Convent. Subscribe to Feed | Subscribe … Continue reading

iPadre #132 – Take The Leap!

In today’s show, we talk to another young woman who has taken the leap and entered Religious Life.  Hear about her experiences and how her parents deal with her decision to follow her heart and answer God’s call.  We also have … Continue reading

iPadre #123 – Friends

Today, I have a great interview with a good friend of mine, Sr. Stacie-Marie.  Also have a lot of feedback and finally – we have and iPadre t-shirt winner.  I have a great new giveaway beginning today, so listen in … Continue reading