iPadre #204 – Tree of Life

In this episode, we have some great feedback and talk about: polycystic ovary syndrome, in vitro fertilization, making sense out of suffering and I return to the tree that I talked about in my last blog post.   Check out … Continue reading

iPadre #188 – Development of Doctrine

In this episode, we talk about the development of doctrine.  Where does the Catholic Church get what it believes? How does the Pope and bishops come up with new moral teachings?  Does the Pope invent new dogmas and moral teachings? … Continue reading

iPadre #147 – St. Paul and Suffering

Why do people have to suffer?  Why is there evil?  How can God allow people to suffer?  In this episode, I share a talk that I gave in my parish on Suffering in the writings of St. Paul. – Music: … Continue reading

iPadre #50 – Suffering

Human suffering is a great mystery of life.  Why suffering?  Let’s try to make some sense out of that in today’s show. – When I Survey The Wondrous Cross by Jilleen – Disciples With Microphones – Disciples With Microphones Roundtable – Fire Within by … Continue reading