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  1. This is my 8th day with the Swine flu. It started as a sore throat last Wednesday evening and turned into a full blown cough and gag, fever and chills that felt like I was dying. But I lived! I’ve had worse, especially the Rheumatic fever when I was a child. That really almost killed me. I remember having 107 degree temperature and placed in an oxygen tent. But I lived! Thank You, dear Lord and Savior! Anyway, I guess if I was a smoker or had chest problems this could have killed me cause the congestion and hacking was pretty bad. BTW, I have diabetes and go to the doctor regularly, but he did NOT recommend a flu shot. Best wishes for your new blog. I’ll try to stay tuned if I live! 🙂
    May Almighty God continue to bless your ministry+
    Deacon John

  2. I work with a lot of NORTHCOM/NORAD folks, who say there are a lot of people getting sick from H1N1. However, compared to what? They only started tracking flu pandemics since the Avain Flu and the numbers are not significant enough to warrant the panic from the government–the government is supposed to try to avoid panic. Something is very wrong here, I say wait and see, don’t get the vaccination. Keep washing your hands. I have never trusted the United Nations and the WHO. We used to get briefings from officers finishing UN duty–every singe one of them would tell us how messed up the UN is, how its their way or the highway–don’t question their rules—In fact one of the tenants of the UN is to not question their rules. That organization is messed up.

  3. I preached at yesterday’s Mass… everyone worrying about touching and drinking from the common cup. With all due respect to Deacon John and anyone who is really sick — I asked the folks — you drink from the Precious Blood… and if you get sick and die you go to heaven… what’s the problem? We should worry far more about this impending health care debacle… fight that and take your chances at a meaningful sign of peace and drinking the Blood of Christ.

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