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  1. Nice post, Father. Brought back many memories: I spent most of my working life in NYC with at least 10 years driving a Yellow Cab through the streets of Manhattan. Yes the people are cold until you know them. Why? Because in NY, no one looks at another eye to eye or you might be threated with “What are you looking at?” and everyone is gun shy. But as a cab driver, I had the opportunity to talk to my passengers, loosen them up and sometimes gave a little sermon. I always had a picture of Our Lady on the dash board that that invoked some discussions too. I especially loved to talk about Our Lady’s apparitions and her message to mankind. Some thanked me, others said good bye but I rarely had any one hostile or angry with what I had to say. Yes, it’s a rat race but if a person has God with them through prayer, it was all so wonderful! BTW, I tried to get to Mass each day, stopping at different churches across town. I especially loved the little chapel on 14th Street named Our Lady of Guadalupe! They had a noon Mass every day. There are hundreds of churches and chapels in New York City, I’ve probably been in or around all of them. Every time I would pass a church I would make the sign of the Cross and say hello to our Eucharistic Lord! There’s a big, loving heart in the Big Apple, it’s just covered over by a gray flannel suit!
    God love you
    Deacon John

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