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  1. Fr Jay,

    You have spoken words of “truth and wisdom”! I thank the Lord for many of those programs, as for some, we have not lost the “fire of our first love’! They changed us, like you, forever. Yet, there has to be real conversation, real relationship with Jesus, for anything to withstand the test of time. When the excitement or “infatuation” is gone, much like any relationship, it seems tedious, boring, somebody hangs the toilet paper the wrong way in the bathroom, somebody speaks in tongues, somebody else gets upset cause it ain’t goin their way. The ego get’s in, and we E ase G od O ut, while we knock each other down.

    We could/should/can change the world! It is not a “dream”! The reality of the Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is more powerful than any weapon, more life changing than any program, it is where we for a moment, can, if we “choose”, be in “union” with the Creator of the world! That…is life changing…world changing…we can each be a Mother Teresa, Padre Pio, IPadre, BroJer, a prophetic witness right where we are called to be. Focus on Him, Jesus, and we can… be a vessel that helps change the world!

    Jesus is Lord!

    Thank you for just who you are Fr!

    In Christ, Bro Jer

    Jerry Kohlbrand

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