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  1. Thank you Father Jay. There is a disturbing trend nowadays where people seek to dispute anything coming from the USCCB that doesn’t align with their views. We in the USA are a very independent people, and the internet makes it easier for people to elevate their own views. However, once the Magesterium has listened to us and made its decision, we need to accept that decision and move on. Energy spent attempting to dispute a decision that doesn’t align with one’s own desires could be much better spent in worship or examination of one’s conscience. In a very crude analogy, why do people pick out the speck in another’s eye and ignore the log in their own?

  2. Fr Jay-
    I dont agree with revising, but I certainly don’t agree with a weak translation-effectively handing water to folks that come seeking wine is doing worse than doing nothing.
    Would a return to the Latin mass be so bad? It could invigorate the faith in the US. It happened to work for around 19 and half centuries and since we cant seem to get our act together on the lingua franca here it might be a nice change.
    Maybe a re-read of Deut 18:9-15…or we should water that down in the next translation. Bottom line, most respectfully, is that we should not co-opt our faith for political reasons- our Master didnt.

  3. The new translation will be fine with me. I try to be as obedient as possible as well as open to change. I must say, as someone who only grew up post Vatican II I am having a hard time with the Latin. I don’t see why our Spanish community gets to worship in their language, use their up beat music and we have to use only the organ and put in Latin prayers here and there. I feel connected to the world wide church without using the Latin language. Had we kept parts in Latin from the beginning I probably would have been fine with it but throwing it in now feels awkward. I have to say if the Mass goes entirely Latin I don’t know what I’ll do-I don’t find the Latin Mass beautiful like others do. We’ll just have to trust the Holy Spirit.

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