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Liturgical Vestments and the Vesting Prayers — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Fr Finelli, having lost my father last October and my mother this March i have experience, as you might imagine, so extreme’s of feelings and emotions.
    One of the main comforts during this time has been to witness and experience the warmth and love of my father’s side of the family in the Republic of Ireland.
    Needless to say, they are Catholic, as was my father.

    Dad, god bless him, never brought me up as a Catholic and i now realise this was largely due to the fact my mother was not Catholic and this was possibly something they could not agree on.

    In hindsight, i can see this was something that must have been difficult for him but in his own unique way, he would do his best to give opportunities to know and understand as well as give examples of many of the qualities and values one would aspire to as a good Catholic.
    I have always loved and treasured the Bible he gave to me Christmas 1967 with the simple inscription inside; “To Philip, to help you understand the true meaning of Christmas”

    The experience of taking him “home” to Ireland from the UK was quite eye opening; the love and support of not just my family but the entire Catholic family, and the wonderful requiem Mass in the North Cathedral in Cork.
    Just prior to my fathers death, through the difficult time of the funeral i have found a interest in and need to understand and learn more and more about the Catholic faith, especially as i found out only recently that i was “informally” baptised in Ireland by my grandmother when i was 4 years old.

    It is, as part of this voyage of discovery, that i cam across your podcast.
    I have downloaded them all and i am enjoying the experience of not only learning more about the Catholic faith but also how you have developed your podcasts.

    I have only been listening to them for a couple of months, so from the the first one on 1st September 2005, i have only got to the end of April 2006.

    I must say they are informative, pleasantly informal and entertaining.
    I particularly enjoy the interviews and the last one with Fr William Casey (#17) was very interesting and a source of much information; as was podcast #4 on St Padre Pio.

    Next is something i really have been looking forward to learning more about, The Mass.

    Many many thanks for such a wonderful, interesting and peaceful podcast. I listen to one on my train journey to work and as well as leaving me more informed they also put me in a wonderful frame of mind for the rest of the day.

    I would like to put a pin in the map you mention but can not seem to find this,or the podcast vote link, on your website, have they been removed or am i just not looking closely enough.

    God bless you and thankyou again.

    Philip Ryan
    Bishops Stortford

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