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  1. We are currently facing a similar dilema, for the second time! Our Konica-Minolta Color Laser printer cost $350 @ Sam’s Club. Replacement toner from Staples or anywhere was going to cost about $400. Hmm… the new model of our printer was just put on the market at that time $300. DUH! We bought the new printer.

    Now three years later, we are out of yellow toner, the other colors are running, and black will run out soon because with one color missing you can only print gray-scale. 🙁

    I love the quality and speed of the laser printer – but the cost of replacing the toner is total insanity.

  2. Yes, printer ink/toner is some of the most expensive stuff per ounce. That said, oftentimes the cartridges that come with a new printer are only 1/2 or even 1/3 full, which is why they can “afford” to put them in a new printer that sells for less than the cartridges themselves.

  3. Printer companies have long considered the printers to be throwaway investments, except for maybe in the highest-end commercial printers. There’s a reason they used to refer to printer ink as “the other black gold”.

  4. The printer cartridges that come with these printers are only starter cartridges. The are generally 30-40%. “Save the environment” is not a joke and I am so disappointed to read that. You are wasting resources throwing away perfectly good printers. This is all in the literature. Take to time to inform yourself.

  5. I also have the HP Color LJ 3600n, and enjoy it immensely. When it comes time to replace the cartridges, I plan on giving my business to the LaserMonks (http://www.lasermonks.com). Although it will still cost 416.70 (with free shipping!) to replace the four cartridges, at least the money will be going to support a group of Cistercian monks.

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