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iPadre #193 – The Human Person — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Fr Jay,
    Thank you for your teaching today at My Father’s House here in
    Moodus Ct. I am the man who was blessed to get you some water.

    I am so very pleased to have attended the podcast seminar. The
    Holy Spirit moved so strongly through me I was dizzy somewhat

    I am a Catholic convert, three years now. My wife and I met Michal
    Voris at The March for Life in Washington DC this January. He
    touched our hearts and being a lay apostle we were attentive and
    remain so.

    Fr Bill, always on top of what is happening, could not have done
    more for me personally than inviting you to teach us. We will be
    devoted to your podcasts and hope to implement your teaching
    in our spiritual growth to the best of our ability.

    I know you were sent to us by the Holy Spirit. This is what I have
    on my mind… We thank God for you, Fr. Bill and all the religious
    who through the teaching of the Magisterium lead us to heaven
    so our Lord may say well done my good and faithful servant
    God bless you,
    Chuck and Annette Waggoner JMJ

  2. Hello, thanks for the service. I am considering subscribing to your podcasts. However, I was not quite sure what I am listening to. Why? Because I find that electronic (house) music at the beginning really strange. Is it necessary for it to be included? I thought I got a wrong link! And then the exaggerating promotional speech about great programme, great interview (great everything). I hear here in Europe that´s a kind of American style, but I would really appreciate if I could focus from the very start and not being distracted by any of the mentioned. (I only hope the guests don´t speak that way, too.) Would it not be a great idea to rather include a part of a Latin Christian song instead of that electronic one? I just wanted to submit this feedback. Keep up! I am going to look for something more “decent” to my ears.

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