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What to do with old sacramentals? — 16 Comments

  1. Father, do you think that parishes could just have a special basket placed somewhere for parishioners to put their unwanted/broken/ripped, etc. sacramentals in? Thanks to the many requests we get for help, we have a ton of prayer cards, pictures, etc. that we can’t possibly keep up with. Thank you for this post!

  2. Father i am interested in getting some of these rosaries,relics,saints medals that no one wants and if i could get them for free. If you don’t have any could you let me know some people that might have these? My email is fsacco1@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. I too have many religious prayer cards, rosaries and medals that I receive in the mail that I would love to send to someone or someplace that could give them to someone that could use them. If you know of a mission or some who wants them please email me. God Bless!


    • Dear… I was looking for a person who had a handful of religious articles… I am extremely glad and happy that I found you….. I am extremely interested in religious articles and sacramentals I would like to what type of medals and rosaries do you have in your collection…. please do inform me through an email…. also I am involved in corporate works of mercy by distributing such articles to those who need them I am extremely keen to know if you can send some of your collection to India…. I will be extremely grateful if you do this…. my email id is -akashrocks.sachdeva7@gmail.com please inform me I am waiting. Thank you

  4. My mother used to collect sacramental, since she has passed away nobody cared for them. Now I thought of having them fixed before giving them to our relatives. Do you know any shop who revives such statues?

  5. I have a bunch of catholic prayer cards, prayer books, etc. My church does not allow parishioners to just leave them in the church. I really do not feel right about discarding them. There has to be some place to which I can mail them (within the U.S only). Any ideas? Thanks.

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