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  1. Looking forward to hear your iPadre #214.. Dear Padre, I am writing you to make you aware, and careful of certain groups. Indeed, we have various individuals, and Group creators in Facebook. The problem is our faithful Catholics, Priests, and Bishops friending them. I believe is not healthy.. We do not play with evil. We pray for them, and for their conversion.

    Be aware of: Beatrice Ulli, creator of: “Help, Save a Catholic Child.” She changed the name to: “Abuse in the Catholic Church Debate.” ALMA MATER (with a beautiful profile picture of Jesus). He has the most offensive and horrible pictures against our Pope Benedict XVI. My friend Ross has defended and debated Alma Mater for almost 6 months. He told to stay away. This person is evil. Another group: Catholicism is Evil. We reported the groups and they come back. We need to be persistent and wear the Armor of God. Let’s pray for them and their conversion.

    God bless you and protect you for all evil.

  2. I want to thank you so much for this podcast. William is always so refreshing to listen to. I have heard his debates against sedavacantism and i saw him debate live in corpus christi on the siri thesis and he helped take me out of the sedavacante movement 1 year ago. will u ever do a show covering some of vatican ii? Thanks so much Father. I will pass this along.

  3. very good show! i was able to hear williams debate on the new mass with one of the schismatics. wow. i cant believe these people use protestant arguements. thank you father jay for this. i will become a new subscriber. Also thank you for the point about M. Kolbe. That was beautiful!


  4. The vast majority of parishioners who attened sedevacatist Masses ended up there because they were scandalized by the Novus Ordo Liturgy or Hierarchy. The tragedy here is that good people have been led to heresy through no fault of their own.

    I think the best way to defeat sedevacantism is not to debate obsure points from old encyclicals or councils but to address the reality, the real reasons why people end up sedevacantist in the first place, ie; Bad liturgy and Theology in the mainstream Church, not to mention the serious contradictions that do exist between the pre and post conciliar doctrine in the Church (if not in theory, at least in practice).

    Perhaps Father, you could do a pod-cast and instruct us on what do to in the case of liturgical abuse and priestly disobedience…what are the explanations for this in the first place? What can the average parishioner do to preserve their faith in the light of the heresies that do occur on a daily basis in many of our Chapels?

    If a Priest looks on the surface not to be Catholic, what explanation or help is there for parishioners who are scandalized?….the SSPX or Sedevacantist option is a great relief for many who come from Dioceses that do not fully preserve and celebrate the True Faith.

  5. My journey to sedevacantist originates from learning about the new invalid rite of Paul VI Holy Orders,post June 1968.That was well over 3 years ago.The more I learned,the more I became convinced Vatican 2 was the beginning of its own new religion.New Sacraments,new holy orders,new mass,new churches,new theology.(Albeit invalid & apostate) My family is still novus ordo so don’t take this as insulting or rude.Some of us realize something is very wrong with the new church simply by a part of it for decades.

    • So you have become your own Pope. What you have done, is what Martin Luther did. He no longer accepted the Catholic Church as the true Church of Christ, so he created his own. This is no reform, but revolution. We can recognize that there are problems, but the solution is to remain faithful, pray and work for the truth.

      • The Novus Ordo isn’t Catholic.
        It is the Novus Ordo that created their own religion. We are simply keeping the Roman Catholic faith alive during an emergency.
        Its that simple and I wish you well.

        • You might night like it, and you might not agree with it, but the Novis Ordo is a legitimately approved Rite of the Catholic Church. I agree that there are many things about the Ordinary Form that break with tradition and need to be improved upon, but it is a valid and licit sacrifice and sacrament. Our Lord comes down upon the altar. If you are a sedevacantist, you are not “simply keeping the Roman Catholic faith alive during an emergency.” You are practically a Protestant.

          • Youre the protestant as we haven’t changed anything and obey Session 7 Canon 13 Council of Trent.
            “If anyone changes or calls into question liturgy sacraments or approved rites of the Catholic Church, let him be anathema”
            Our priest has valid holy orders unlike the post 1968/1969 ‘ordinal’
            We obey the pre-1951 holy week,sacraments, and Holy Roman Missal
            I hope the Lord Jesus Christ moves you out of the ecumenical ‘Novus Ordo’ and you convert to the Roman Catholic faith asap.
            God be with you Sir

          • The quote you use from the Council of Trent condemns your own attitude: “I anyone changes or calls into question lily sacraments or approved rites of the Catholic Church, let him be anathema.” Although it would have been best for the Church for Pope Paul VI not to change the rites as he did, he was the legitimate authority to “approve rites” of the Church. Your logic is faulty. The Church has changed her rites many times throughout the ages. I love the traditional Latin Mass, however, this is not what Jesus did in the upper room. Your rational is telling us that we should not have changed anything in the way Jesus Himself offered the first Mass in the upper room.

          • The new service offers the exact same service the Protestants offer.
            The same exact prayers deleted from the holy sacrifice of the mass by Paul 6 are the exact same prayers deleted by the protestants.
            Vulgar tongues facing the people?!?!
            The V2 documents on religious liberty,Jews still having a covenant with God,and global govt are ecumenical anti-Catholic Hersey.
            Subsequently, anything ‘approved’ was not ‘approved’ by the Catholic Church.
            The “new rites of holy orders” are so doubtful that it renders them invalid.
            A doubtful sacrament is to be treated invalid to take the safer course.

          • We are what you once were
            We worship how you once worshipped
            If we were right then,we are right now.
            If we were wrong then,you are wrong now.

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