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A comment about my post about Fr. Pfleger — 2 Comments

  1. Great responses, Father. I have no doubt that Fr. Pfleger has done some good in his life. I can’t think of a single person I know or have read about who has never done something good – including Adolf Hitler. Sadly Fr. Pfleger exploits the good he has done to tear down the Church that ordained him. He is a heretic by any informed Catholic’s standard and he has long ago done more harm than good. He needs to remove that Roman collar he hides behind. God bless, Father.

  2. Unfortunately, none of this is new. Other well-known priests of the last centuries such as the Berrigan brothers in the 1960’s and Fr. Coughlin in the 1930’s and ’40’s have been so distracted by the world, that their view became distorted and they imposed their personal agendas ahead of their vows of obedience to the Church. It would be bad enough if Fr. Pfleger were acting alone, but, as a priest, he preaches, teaches, counsels, and hears confessions. There is a ready-made band of followers for any priest who advocates things the Church will not allow, and another group of would-be followers who are just hoping to find a permissive priest to validate behavior in which they want to engage. He can lead vulnerable Catholics to think that, since he is a priest, what he advocates must be allowed.

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