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  1. The idea of the video is good but I don’t like the Mini Cooper because I was involved in an almost fatal accident with one of those cars. I am a German who lived in Tennessee and I drove an Oldmobile Cutlass Cruiser station wagon, which I was very proud of. On Dec 21, 2002 a speeding British driver in a Mini Cooper suddenly crossed the median of the road and plowed into my driver side toward the rear wheel. If it hadn’t been for my fast reaction to get out of his way it would have been a head on collision. My Oldsmobile turned around 270 degrees and came to a stop 10 feet beside the church sign of a Pentecostal church outside of South Carthage, TN. I was not hurt. The British driver drove off the road down an embankment 10 feet deep and turned over. Luckily, the driver was unhurt. I praise God for that. But ever since that time I dislike Mini Coopers! I want my Oldsmobile back because I prefer traditional, old-time American cars. I consider it my mission to resurrect Oldsmobile and get Mini Cooper out of business!

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