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  1. Peace Father Finelli,
    I learned about your website from the Confraternity of Penitents, in RI, and I listened to a podcast on 1st Saturday devotions. I am 70 years old, and a Novice1, in the CFP, retired, and have devoted my spare time to the Catholic faith, trying to give it spiritual structure in prayer and actions. I admit even at my age I am leaning a deeper meaning for so many tentents of our faith I did not realize before. First Friday and Saturday devotions one of them. I had no clue that I could pray for so many people, as you stated in the podcast, and Jesus and Mary would hear my prayer and consider taking action. I have family members who are luke warm, and know people who just do not practice their faith at all, but consider themselves in good standing. I cannot judge them, but I wanted to make a difference in some way spiritually. This reparation idea is something I will look into more deeply. I wanted a purpose to pray the LOTH, and Rosary more daily, and to follow the Rule of St Francis of 1221, with meaning. I also discovered in a CFP retreat, the prayer of the Angel of Portugal, to the children of Fatima, and the Consecration to Mary one can make. I remember in Vatican II days, Mary was put down on a low rung on the ladder, but I think the Church has reversed itself. I have always had a devotion and lover for Mary.
    I just wanted to touch bases with you, and let you know I have a lot of podcasts to catch up on, on your website. But it will be added to my Bookmarks near the top of the list. I am looking for a spiritual director for the CFP, for myself, but I do not think our Secular Parish Priest can take it on with all he has to do. I can communitate with SKYPE on the computer, using a cam and free contact with a spiritual director, along with email. Is there anyone whom you can recommend who is a Franciscan based person, and would understand the Rule of 1221 (www.penitents.org)? We would only have to communicate once a month. And at my age, I pretty well know a lot about our faith, but still learning. I have two more years before considering taking a vow to follow the CFP Rule and Constitutions. I am loving every minute of my studies. My bookshelves are filled with Catholic books, waiting to be read, on Contemplation, with Fr. Keating, books by St. Theresa of Avilla, and St. John of the Cross, the St. Ignatius retreat,etc.
    One question I have, Father Finelli, even though I may only have 15 more years to live max. at my age, (I could live to be 97 likw my mother did), I want to do things the right way to make a difference in my prayer life, and purpose. I know I am nothing, and only God can give me the graces to accomplish anything. I know there is nothing I can do that would make any difference for me to get to heaven. But if I take on a prayer life as with the CFP, and do Corporal Works of Mercy, to try to bring others to Christ, and offer it in reparation for my sins, and for others, will I be doing the right thing. I have added 20 website links for the DivineOffice.org LOTH online prayer site, to bring people to pray the LOTH, I am writting convicts in prison through the CFP, to encourage them in their prayer life, and they are praying for me in return. This is an example of what I am doing presently.
    Thank you for taking a moment to read this. I know you are a busy man, Father, but you have a wonderful heart from the sound of your voice and your wonderful work on iPadre. I can be contacted at amis41@yahoo.com. I live in Virginia, USA. God bless you Father Jay. Please say a short prayer for me to perservere, in my faith life. I desire it so much. But like St. Paul said, ” I know what I must do, but I do not always do it.” But my I am giving up TV, and a lot of social things that are a distraction to me, and slowly following the CFP St Francis Rule.
    Pax et Bonum
    Paul Michael Phelan
    Bridgewater, VA

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