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iPadre #248 – Special on HHS Mandate — 2 Comments

  1. Father, I heard your sermon at your early Mass this morning (via live Ustream) and thought, “Wow. He must include this in his next podcast. More people have to hear this.” What is happening now is very frightening. I was so pleased to see the Tweet for this special podcast. Go Father Jay!

  2. Hi Fr. Jay

    I have a little story that got me thinking. I was at Mass a few days ago and noticed my husband glancing over at me smiling. My day job is a bit masculine so besides the random date, Sundays are the only days I make special effort to dress up, fix my hair nicely and wear my best earrings. My husband is wonderful and I think it’s cute that he still stares at me when I dress up, but, that little incident got my wondering why women are no longer required to cover their heads at Mass. I did a bit of research and 1 Cor. 11:1-17 advices women to cover their heads when worshipping.

    I found this little excerpt from – http://www.fisheaters.com/theveil.html under the heading – That which is Veiled is a Holy Vessel

    “…The Ark of the Old Covenant was kept in the veiled Holy of Holies. And at Mass, what is kept veiled until the Offertory? The Chalice — the vessel that holds the Precious Blood! And, between Masses, what is veiled? The Ciborium in the Tabernacle, the vessel which holds the very Body of Christ. These vessels of life are veiled because they are holy!

    And who is veiled? Who is the All Holy, the Ark of the New Covenant, the Vessel of the True Life? Our Lady — and by wearing the veil, we imitate her and affirm ourselves as women, as vessels of life. ”

    I was born after Vatican II so I have no actual memory of what Mass was like with women wearing veils, but as stated above, it seems to have been such a beautiful reason to do so, so my question is … why did we stop?

    Thanks for all the wonderful podcasts Father, your show refreshes my memory and occasionally teaches me something new about the faith. I am truly grateful.

    Carina from St. Vincent in the Caribbean.

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