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  1. Oh I love that Fr. St. Anthony has always been there for me as well. Also, St.Terese` They Never, Never fail us if we have the faith.

  2. My mother always told us when we were kids to turn to St. Anthony for lost things and St. Jude for “hopeless” cases (the big guns). To this day, I can’t remember a time when I was ever let down by either of them. Especially St. Jude….what a faithful friend. Jeannie V.

  3. I love this post and laughed alittle when I read it! I’ve also
    Been known to call upon him in the same way! “come on st Anthony, do your thing here” he’s never let me down! Even my husband who doesn’t share my faith now asks me to ask st Anthony for him when he loses something! I have a feeling this saint will help my husband find his faith! Thankyou Father Jay and God bless you.

    • I have a prayer to St Anthony which asks him not to find “things” like objects, but things like faith,health, etc. Unfortunately I’ve lost it for the moment!! When St Anthony returns it I will try to reprint it for you. But yes, ask St Anthony to find lost faith for your husband!

  4. Just to let everyone know, St. Anthony is a modern computer-literate guy. Several times I have lost folders or documents on our gigantic corporate maze of several drives and dozens of layers of folders and sub-folders. Soon after I ask St. Anthony to intercede, the missing spreadsheet or Word document appears. He’s our heavenly “Find” command!

    • God will reunite friends who have been estranged. Pray from the heart, fast, offer penance, forgive and ask forgiveness. Don’t tell the person “I forgive you”, that might make them want to fight. Just say, “Lets be friends and let the past be the past.”

      • Thanks, Father, but I have done that many times. I feel all I can do is pray, pray, pray. I take it you don’t know of any effective St. Anthony prayers for that situation. Never mind, I shall just keep praying anyway.

  5. Father, Mike and I both learned the same little St. Anthony prayer from our Mothers. “Tony, Tony look around. Something’s lost and can’t be found.” I couldn’t even count the number of times we have been reunited with our lost item. I guess it is like Faith of a mustard seed thinking.

  6. I love St Anthony.. he has found so many things for me. I have a cross that was my grandmothers.. it fell off my chain a couple times and each time I just stopped and asked St Anthony to find it.
    then just last week.. my son and I could not find his keys.. yep.. St Anthony found them. St Anthony found a long lost book for my mom.

    Thank you St Anthony!

  7. I love St. Anthony. He has found many things for me through the years. One of these times I was working in a clinic as a Medical Technologist. At that time, I would search and search before thinking to go to St. Anthony for help. I could not find a tube of blood on a patient who had already left the clinic. I finally asked St. Anthony to find the tube for me. Immediately when I turned around I saw the tube in the floor where I had been walking around for hours. I am always in awe when this happens.

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