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  1. It seems all the confusion is a sign of the times, what if, due to the confusion that the Good is there, but the Bad is also rearing its head, and not unlike how a soul can be deceived by the Devil as an angel of light, there has been deception on one hand, but again the Good of course the prevailing, but not without carnage. Its the only way I can just begin to unravel the controversy that is present in Medjugorie.

  2. I am a little bit skeptical when it comes to apparitions, crying statues, etc… Here’s why. Just like Gordonb, I know the devil is a great deceiver and may have the power to pose as a God-sent sign. I also think he can give “grace”of goodness, health, money, love, so you will praise him. How could we tell these phenomena apart? I have a gazillion questions running through my head right now, but this quandary is what bothers me the most. I absolutely believe Our Lady let us see her every so often, as a matter a fact, a few days ago, I was deep in prayer in my room and I felt a string of rose scent that lasted for about a second. During my last retreat (last weekend,) I smelled a light scent of incense coming back from lunch in the auditory. I asked if there was anyone burning incense and if they could smell it, they said no. At that moment I was with my mom, I asked her if she smelled it too, and said no. I even went to the altar and the thurible had not been touched. Later on our priest said during his talk “God smells like incense!” I almost passed out in joy. These type of things I believe they’re God-sent, however, like I said, skepticism over apparitions prevail on me. Maybe I’m answering my own question?

  3. Beautiful essay, Fr. Jay! When I entered the church in 2008 there was a lot of buzz about Medugorje in Kansas City – who was going, who just returned, what group to go with, etc. Now four years later, there’s silence. Questions like “What ever happened to Medugorje?” are responded to with blank looks, even from those parishioners who’ve been there. I’ll be very interested in hearing the report of the commission, whenever it’s announced. In the mean time, let’s continue to do what we always do: Pray the rosary and thank God for the gift of our Blessed Mother!

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