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  1. Thanks for the post Fr. Jay. I love the new translation and wish that the priests that I look up to so much were as enthusiastic as I am. Change is always hard, but it is almost always good for you. And this change is good for the English speaking church around the world. Keep up your great work and your interesting podcasts. God bless you and your ministry. I’ll continue to pray for you and all your brother priests.

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  3. The revision of the mass was sorely needed! In my opinion the mass of Paul VI was a drastic watering down of the liturgy which opened the door for many liturgical abuses in the past 47 years or so and a mass apostasy from the faith which was due to “the disntigration of the liturgy” as Pope Benedict called it when he was still Cardinal. These modernists need to be obedient and be less concerned about this and more concerned about their souls and the souls of those entrusted to them

    • I like the new change… I rather have the Latin Mass on Sunday and weekdays. We ALL need to be UNITED with the Holy Father and Obey the teachings of the Church.Stand up and support the Church and say NO to these priest that do not obey. Pray for them!

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