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Vatican II Hymnals — 6 Comments

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  2. How I wish our parish could use this new book.I pray that we can one day have a holy priest like Father Jay.I have a Baptist friend that visited our parish… he told me that the”service”is very Baptist… How can a Catholic Mass be like the Baptist? VERY SAD.

  3. HOW CAN I BUY THESE HYMNALS!!?!?! I cant find a way to purchase them anywhere. The link in this post links back to something unrelated to the VII Hymnal. Corpus Christi Watershed has no contact number. Please help Fr. Finelli

  4. It is July 14, 2016. Does anyone have 150 USED copies of VATICAN II Hymnal for sale? I want a hymnal with readings for our parish. Other options other than GIA or OCP. Thanks. LJS

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