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  2. Quite impressive and very beautiful. Really provides the proper holiness and reverence necessary in such a setting. I would like to see sacred vestments of this caliber more frequently.

    Thank you for sharing this, Fr. Jay!

  3. Can this type of dress be bad for the church? In these tough times should be expect priests to dress like this? Interesting article in national catholic register today about how these types if vestments turn people off. Personally I agree. Jesuits don’t vest like that, military chaplains don’t either. I understand its a papal ceremony but I don’t think this should be the norm

    • Another point Bill. The article was not in the National Catholic Register, it was in the National Catholic Reporter. And, as is seen all over the news, the local Bishop has told them they have no right to use the name Catholic, which they disobediently object to. All of us who are faithful to the Church don’t need the Bishop to tell us that NCR is not Catholic, it is and has been the most heretical rag for most, if not all of it’s sad existence. And, when it is not heretical, it is ripping down anything good they can about the Church.

  4. Bill, you are wrong! You seem to disagree with everything the Holy Father is doing. All of your comments on the site so far are in the negative about everything the Holy Father is moving the Church towards. The Pope is the visible head of the Church, not the Jesuits!

  5. It would be nice if we can see a return to the beauty of the celebration of the Mass which includes proper vesture and furnishings in all Catholic parishes. Thank you Fr. Jay for your post!

  6. I strongly agree with Fr. Jay and with Fr. Eric. Proper and beautiful vestments compliment the holiness and the reverence of the Holy Mass. How sad we don’t see more of it. I also don’t understand how this can turn people off, Bill. Perhaps the people who are turned off are those same people who show up for Holy Mass wearing torn jeans, shorts and other inappropriate clothing out of choice and not because they cannot afford better clothing.

  7. My comments on the photo. I think the vestments of the Bishops in waiting are great, nothing bad about getting back to our roots. As far as military Chaplains go (I am in the military) they “vest up” for Mass not matter where they are located. I was in Afghanistan and we still had priest in proper vestments. I want my Priest to desk like Priest, Soldiers to dress as Soldiers.

    Thanks Father Jay for sharing

  8. How much do vestments like the one in the picture above cost I total ? And who pays for it ? And why are the Verstments worn by most catholic priests not goo enough. And by the way John on my FOB no priest wore anything like this for mass….

    • The vestments like the ones pictured above are no where worth the value Our Lord deserves. In the early Church, they may have worn the same vesture as people of the time, yet they were much more ornamented and costly than those worn for life outside of Mass. Let us not forget, the early Christians were willing to give their lives for Christ and His Church, and also willing to give all of their personal belongings. I find it funny when people complain about what I paid for a nice vestment, but never what Father paid for his suit and tie or his Lexus. Even St. John Vianney believed in having the most expensive vestments that money could buy, because he know the value of the Mass.

  9. Being a member of the laity, I have never purchased vestments. How much would a vestment like above cost? And who pays for it ? Also, what is wrong with current vestments?

    • It all depends on the vestment. Even the most simple and modern are sometimes very expensive. Many priests purchase their own vestments and every parish has some. However, many sacristies are very sad. The vestments are dirty, in poor repair and something that is not worthy of a dog, let alone worship of God.
      What are the “current” vestments? If you mean those that are Gothic style as opposed to Roman style, or a plain alb as opposed to a lace alb, they all have their place. Some has to do with personal style, I have and wear both.
      Being a very small clientele, most vestments are expensive.

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