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  3. Thank you for this post Father. With the rather large meteor that missed the planet this month and the small one (which was 1000 times larger than first estimated – see link) that gave such a powerful warning this month – it is important to recognize that ‘The Fear of God is Pure’.


    So it is the Rosary and the Eucharist just like Saint John Bosco’s vision.

    God bless you Father

  4. Closer to home, here in the Diocese of Providence, yesterday was announced the resignation of Rev. Msgr. John Allard from his post as pastor of Precious Blood and St. Agatha’s parishes.

    What about Cardinal Roger Mahoney from Los Angeles? His participation in the conclave is a scandal in and of itself. He too should resign.

  5. George, I’m not making the connection between a meteor and fathers post. Are you suggesting that it is god expressing his anger at the world? Because go doesn’t work like that

    • Hi Pat,

      I would say that God does use natural occurances to bring us closer to him. People pray more when ‘the Fear of God’ is present. It is healthy and it attunes the soul to penance. Events like this force the mind to consider the end.

      God bless,


    • Are you so sure God doesn’t work like that? Why not cite Sacred Scripture. I can show many instances in the Bible where nature is used a a means to correct man’s infidelity and redirect his course back to God.

  6. Father Jay, you mention the first part of the problem when you say “the sexual abuse crisis in the Church was and is still caused by homosexuals in the clergy” but the second and arguably worse part is the cover-up by church officials who did bury their heads in the sand and simply moved these clergymen around, or otherwise “protected their own” instead of protecting their flock! Also I am not sure of the link between pedophilia and homosexuality.

    In any case I appreciate your candor and please keep up all of your good work for our faith and our Church (with a capital “C”)!

    • John, I agree, another great part of the scandal was either coverup or avoidance of the problem. God is cleaning out His Church from the “filth” as Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus wrote in his Stations of the Cross, the year before his election. “How much filth there is in the Church, and even among those who, in the priesthood, ought to belong entirely to him!” (see the stations here).

      The link between the the abuse crisis and homosexuality is due to the fact the the vast majority were not pedophilia, but ephebophilia. That is the abuse of “mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19”, an act of homosexuality. The major report on the abuse crisis reported this, but it was mostly buried, for fear of the ire of the radical gay activists. Now the other hidden evil is beginning to be exposed for what it is.

      God’s people expect, and have a right to priests who are striving for holiness!

  7. Father the real problem is that the bishops turned a blind eye to this. And no body questioned it. The larger more central issue is that the hierarchy is not always correct. When they are wrong, they are WRONG. And bishops have NOBODY to blame but themselves for the decline of the church in America. The largest archdiocese is in chaos, Los Angeles. And it’s not because of gay priests, it’s because the cardinal ignored crimes against kids! Look a Philadelphia as well. Cardinal bevilaqua was almost arrested for the stuff he ALLOWED to happen. I’m so tired of church leaders complaining about the people who sit in the pews and there behavior.

    • Yes and he also said of his own apostles “and did I not chose all of you – and one of you is a devil” – so we need to be careful not to place ourselves in the position of excessive judgement. Not to excuse the that Judas betrayed our Lord, but so as not to underestimate what long term good may come of this. Good discussion Father.

      God bless.


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