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  2. I’d really like to know if the promises have approbation! They are pretty amazing promises if they are true! Please keep us posted if you do come across proof that the promises are “real” or not.

        • That is for the “15 Prayers of St. Bridget.” Nothing is said of the “7 Prayers.”

          One must always remember. Non of this is magic. We must have a solid and faithful Sacramental life. In that, God’s generosity can never be outdone.

          • Father, since Jesus gave Peter the power to loose and bind. Would it not follow that if any VALID POPE succeeding Peter approved the messages and prayers that by their approval they would bind them on earth, therefore bind them in heaven?

            I received a private revelation regarding this and I truly believe in the authority of the magisterium and the true successors of Peter. I don’t think a priest has this authority but The Pope Clement & Innocent would definitely have this authority.

          • When it comes to private devotions and private revelation, the local bishop can approve or reject them. This is not in the competence of a priest. However, even if a private revelation or devotion are approved, that does not bind anyone to accept it. That is what private means. We all have our own likes and dis-likes. It is the same with private devotions. This applies to most private devotions. However, the rosary seems to be the exception. Canon law strongly encourages both priests and laity to pray it daily.

    • Who cares if the promises are authentic? Do we do things because we want some sort of payment? These are beautiful prayers for the entire world which is in such need in this decadent era. Have we no faith that we will be rewarded a thousand fold for our smallest gesture of love for the Lord? Do them for love of Him!

        • I understand that I shouldn’t do things for a repayment. However, the promises related to family conversion and release from purgatory is my motivation. I’m tormented by the thought of losing family to the devil and the suffering of family. My motivation isn’t for myself.

          • Our Lord offered Himself because He loves us so much. Do you think He would not
            answer the prayers of a sincere and loving heart? It is impossible! Place your family in the wound of His Sacred Side. He will not let them be lost!

      • I’ve been praying them for 3.5 years. Both the 15 prayers and the 7 prayers along with my rosary I have not missed even one day. However when I found them I was praying to Jesus to save my kids. I was terrified for their souls at the time. He led me to these miraculously. It was a very strange and devine intervention that brought me to them. That is why I have so much faith in the promises. I truly believe that He answered my prayers with these promises. I know in my heart that Jesus was guiding me and giving me peace. I recommend them to everyone. I trust in the promises too.

        • I have 7 kids. I had them for our Lord. Having a large family was part of living a Christian life but they have all gone astray. I was praying the seven prayers but heard that the church dispprovec so gave up. After hearing you’re story, I am going to start again. It is the worst cross to bear seeing your children so lost.

      • Amen!!! I started this devotion the day before my birthday this year. If not even one of these promises are authentic but I could help one forgotten soul in purgatory than I’ve been successful. I ask for nothing in return. If they are for real, then what a blessing it will be for me. That is not why I’m doing it.

        Thank you Father for the booklet. I found this devotion on my phone of all places. It will be so nice to have such a beautiful copy by my bed and to give to others.

        • […] One of the most popular posts on my blog is the 7 St. Bridget Prayers. It is a 12 year commitment to say the prayers every day. There has been a lively discussion about the promises, but in the end, they really don’t matter. What matters most about these prayers are that it is a commitment to daily prayer, and for a 12 year period. One must not rush through them as if their house is on fire. Our prayer must lead us to contemplation of the mysteries of God. I have now been praying them for over three years. My original booklet is great to keep in your home, a larger bible or prayer book. But, I wanted something smaller, something that can fit in a small pocket, purse, or the Brievary. In the new printable version, you can print two on a 8.5″x 11″ standard US Letter, cut it in half and have two copies. I have placed the link on the original page. I printed mine on a heavier card stock for endurance. You can get it here. […]

          • Fr Jay, I looked at the shorter version. It has prayers 1 and 7, I believe, but not prayers 3 thru 6. I’m confused, but maybe you’ve condensed the prayers or something. Please advise. Thanks and Blessings to you.mm

          • Glad you caught that. It didn’t upload properly. There should be two pages so you print them back to back. I’ll upload a corrected version once I dig it up.

  3. Tears welled-up in my eyes as I read this. These promises are so beautiful and loving that surely . . . OK, hopefully . . . they are genuine.

    I began the St. Bridget prayers last year and got through 5 months of daily prayer before my mother-in-law became acutely ill and then died. In my grief I could only pray the rosary and all my other prayers were placed on hold. I think I’m going to consider praying them again. The beauty of these prayers is just too lovely to leave un-prayed.

    “Un-prayed” – why, I’ve invented a new word!

    Thank you, Fr. Jay! God bless.

  4. This is a good prayer that I could start as a dedication. I can also share this to some friends who wish to have more prayer time. Apart from the prayer of St. Bridget, it encourages meditation and an alone time with God.

  5. What a magnificent and merciful prayer! Where can I purchase or make an offering for a printed copy of these promises and prayers. Our Catholic bookstores have no knowledge of these prayers and it is impossible to download them.

    • Hello John.

      My name is Paul Tahitua and I am studying at the Auckland University of Technology. I have found these prayers (both the 15 prayers and 7 prayers of St Bridget). I have started reciting both of them and they are both so beautiful.

      I can email them to you or send by mail.

      God bless

    • If you have a smart phone download the Pieta app. These St. Bridget prayers, novenas and tons of other prayers are there. Also should download the Laudate app. Has nearly everything Catholic on it. God bless

  6. You can purchase a beautiful printed copy of the 12 year prayers from the Dupage Marian Center, 317 W. Ogden, Westmont, IL…630-968-4684.

    • I never head of St. Bridget’s prayer until a few months ago. It’s strange that this prayer has not been more widely spread. Even clerks working in Catholic book stores admit that they are unfamiliar with this prayer and never heard of it!

  7. I prayed the 15 St. Bridget prayers for 5 years — I loved the prayers and promises. 3 1/2 years ago I dropped dead of a cardiac arrest. I was brought back to life with CPR and a defibulator on the scene. In the hospital the doctor used the exact phase “you died a sudden death” very similar to promise “14. I shall preserve him from a sudden death.” Shortly after the whole incident a friend showed me the 7 prayers to be prayed over 12 years. I have done 3+ years toward the 12 years — I am a believer in the prayers and promises! By the way, I remembered the promise 2 weeks after I had been released from the hospital while I was saying my rosary. I get goose bumps everytime I think of it.

    • I know there are questions about the promises with the 15 prayers from St. Bridget. I prayed them for a year and but had missed occasionally. Did not think about the part where you are supposed to make them up during the year. Kept praying them but wondered if Jesus was going grant my prayer. One day he answered me by appearing and revealing to me a blow to the back of his head. Since that was what St. Bridget prayed for, he answered my prayers. He also answered the needs I had been concerned about. As you read the various devotions, don’t they always seem amazing? Still, God always seems to promise salvation and that those who cooperate with his grace by saying the prayers will have their prayers positively answered – as long as what you ask does not oppose God’s will. Even there, we have to expect a little rain, pain and suffering. We have an opportunty of salvation in a place of penance. God Bless!

  8. Wow Barry. That is a wonderful testimony about your “sudden death”! Thank God for these prayers and promises, and that you were preserved from a sudden death!
    I did the 15 prayers last year, now I am almost finished with the first year of the 12-year prayers.

  9. My mom said these prayers. She died last summer. She had 8 days from diagnosis (of severe aggressive leukemia) till the day she died. I asked if she knew she was going to die. She said she knew for about 2 months. In that time she visited everyone she wanted to visit and made plans for her burial and will. She was definitely made aware she was going to die.

  10. Well, as far as the promises go… I don’t really care if they are ‘real’ or not. It is not for me to decide whether or not I will suffer purgatory, how I will die etc. – that is the Lord’s decision. It is not that I am lacking in faith but I would rather come before the Lord without expectations or conditions….humble myself before the Lord and be elated if he pardons me. Then – if I do pray these prayers and suffer no purgatory, know my time of death, etc I will be extremely honoured and eternally grateful. It is my greatest hope that my prayers will be acceptable and pleasing to the Father and I know my reward will come in whatever fashion He decides. If I do suffer, in this life or the next – I’m sure it will be for my healing and benefit (or for some other divine cause) and not as a form of punishment from God.

    As far as the 12 years go – I started praying these prayers in February of 2006. I don’t count the years anymore because it has become a part of my daily prayer routine. I don’t plan on stopping after 12 years. I will stop will I am no longer able to pray…….

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that my prayers are worthy and the promises ‘arrive’. Perhaps in his great mercy God will release 6 souls if I pray for 24 years…… Perhaps if I then offer my “Get out of Jail – aka purgatory FREE card” in exchange for the release of another soul God will release 7 of my choosing….. That’s a potential of 7 people that I love that would not have to suffer….. possibly more if I live longer!! What more could a girl ask?

    Ok – so let’s say that there’s more to it…. That the promises don’t come. That I was not attentive enough or God had another plan or whatever the case may be…. What if I spend all these years praying and I die a sudden death and am sent to purgatory – then what….? I still believe that my prayers help the poor souls in purgatory and so – I carry on. I sometimes try to think of these prayers as a form of charity…. as a good deed that I perform for other people. And if at some time in the future I find myself in a similar situation, when I am completely helpless and unable to repay in any fashion – I pray to God that someone else will pay me the same courtesy….. Amen

    • This sounds EXACTLY like what I would say! And my confirmation saint is Jacinta! You seem like a wonderful person.

  11. Thank you all for all your comments! You are wonderful, inspirational people and I just know God will bless you all through Mary, “now at at the hour of our death” Amen

  12. Hey, all of you, this is truly awesome, you truly love Jesus Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, and Holy Mother Catholic Church, and this brings joy, hope to my heart. you truly seem to be out of this world, for you are already living in God’s Kingdom. if you can, get a copy of The Pieta, a little prayer book which contain many other powerful prayers, including the prayer to St Michael and the nine chorus of angels, which also bring promises, but even if those promises were not true, we must beleive in the aid that our guardian angels give to us. Our God, has truly blessed us with all the spirituals blessings and gifts in His Beloved Son and Our Lord Jesus, and in that note, I leave you with my tought, that We who believe and Love God, we are truly rich and can take this to bank, and those who do no believe, are also rich, but live in the worst state of poverty, because they do not know they are wealthy and they do not how to go to bank. So, lets us all keep in praying for sinners anywere, sinners in the universal church, sinners in our own families and even for ourselves, for we too, while were are in this body and on this earth, we have the need of Our Lord Jesus. Lets offer all to Jesus, to love him more and more for He alone is Worthy.
    All you posts have truly inspired me.
    Blessings to all.

  13. One question the 15 prayers are prayed all in one day or 1 day at a time and start all over?
    I just found this prayer and I want to start praying. I want to pray it the right way. I always fear I’m praying wrong like not reciting the 15 prayers correctly, the Rosary or chaplets, etc.,
    Thank you

    • These are the “7 Prayers”, the “15 Prayers” are also from St. Bridged. Both are prayed every day for the specified amount of time. The 15 prayers are prayed every day for one year. The 7 prayers are prayed every day for 12 years.

      Also, if you miss a day due to some unforeseen circumstances, just make it up on another day.

      • Has the Catholic Church no information on the 7 prayers. I pray them every day because I have three close family members who I need to help with them and I receive great solace and comfort in their being true. “Sacro COllegio de propaganda Fidel”as well as POpe CLement XII. Stated this devotion good and recommended them &Pope INnocent X confirmed the revelation as being from the Lord. Any more info out there?

  14. Just finished 1 year saying the 15 daily prayers. What beautiful prayers they are, they bring great comfort to your daily life! I have just downloaded the 7 prayers for the 12 yrs. I have just been so inspired by these posts by you very committed people above! We really need to witness to our belief in the Lord. We can give encouragement to others and that is what we are called to do in the scriptures!! God bless to all.

  15. I completed the 15 prayers of St. Bridget for 1 year in 1992, and I have no doubt that the promises are real. It is true of all things of Our Lord, …. we do one thing for Him and He in return repays us 100 fold with the 21 promises. I have written a book called “Here I Am” Encounters with a Triune God explaining how these prayers have given me the Almighty’s protection in times of distress and broadened my relationship with Our Lord. I also had the opportunity to discuss this devotion with Blessed John Paul II when he was Pope and I gathered that he likewise believed that the 21 promises were valid and that the devotion should be spread. Congratulations to all of you endeavouring to complete this devotion, and those who have already have and continue in prayer for there is a blessing to those who promote this devotion.
    If you are interested in other good devotions, may I recommend the 3 year devotional prayers honoring the drops of blood shed by the Lord in his passion. I found both of these devotions in the Pieta Prayer Booklet that my father gave me and I have completed the 3 year devotion 6 fold over my life. There are promises attached to it as well and I have said them for the redemption of my family members who have lapsed from the faith.
    My spirit is stirred that so many others have taken to St. Bridget’s devotional prayers. God Bless!

  16. I turned 65yrs yesterday,and started the twelve year prayers. Reading all your lovely comments has given me confidence and it was like receiving a spiritual birthday present . Thank you.d

  17. I just found this blog while researching possible source citations for Pope Clement XII and the Propaganda Fide’s approval of the promises attached to the 12 year prayers. While I have not yet found a proper citation, my personal experience convinces me that the promises are authentic. I am 2 months away from completing the 12 years, and I have never missed a day, except for twice when I was out with a high fever. From the start, I asked my guardian angel to never let me forget to say these prayers at night. This was no small request, since by nature I am extremely absent-minded. I simply could not have done it on my own! As my purpose in starting these prayers was to obtain the promises attached to them, I trust that my guardian angel would not have helped me persevere all these years unless they were valid.

    • I began the 12 year prayers on 8/11/06 and carry a copy in my purse so I always have one with me. The promises are so wonderful I can’t imagine not praying them. I would encourage everyone young and old to begin them. If the person dies before the twelve years are over Our Lord will accept them as having been prayed in their entirety! Please check these prayers out for the Lord’s promises about your eternity.

  18. I started the 7 prayers in 2010. They were in the book ‘Get Us Out of Here’ by Maria Simma a woman who spoke to and prayed for the Souls in Purgatory. I found the 15 prayers in a booklet left in church, which I took, copied, and returned for someone else to use. I will finish in July, 2015. I started each set because of the promises, for my children and all the way down to my great-great grandchildren (4 generations saved). My children need help even having been raised Catholic and not missing Mass, prayer before meals,night prayers, all their sacraments. None practice now – the youngest has to go to Mas until he is 18, then I’m afraid he will quit too. These prayers are my hope for their salvation (and in my lifetime I ask God 🙂 ). My mom didn’t want to start them because of learning when she would die, that doesn’t frighten me, especially since the posting of the woman who knew and visited all her friends and loved ones and the gentleman who had a sudden death and came back to live longer. I thank God for giving me these prayers.

  19. I have stopped and started these prayers a number of times. I am trying to concentrate on the actual meditations. The promises are wonderful but is it wrong to be motivated by them? Thank you for the idea of asking my guardian angel to remind me and pray them with me.

  20. I have begun praying them on 25 may 2003 on Padre Pio birhday and will finish them tomorrow 24 may 2015. I cannot say enough about how many benefits I have experienced in these 12 years span !! I now see clearly that had I not prayed them I should not have been able to see so many things so clearly and in truth, but in the light of the faked reality and should have made very wrong decisions with myself. I have been provided with so many spiritual and material benefits that 12 years ago i did not even dare dreaming of it! Apart from a very good career and very good finances , my father and I have won the battle with cancer , and so many other things!
    All I can say is completely trust the power of these prayers that lies within Jesus character Which is the embodyment of honesty and goodness and Who always keeps His promises- including these prayers !
    Keep on saying them and after 12 years span you will perceice as you have finished them in no time.

  21. I prayed that my adult son in another country would get confirmed. He did. Recently. I prayed for another family member who was dying. He got better. I prayed for my daughter. Her husband wants to convert and their baby was baptized RC. My siblings (left the country long ago for other shores) with zero interest in me, now after decades have contacted me. (I think Our Lady has helped out here as well). I prayed for an old sick lady who was dying. All I had time for was the last 2 decades of the Joyful Mysteries. When I came back to see her, she was dead. I was very sad that she’d only got 2 decades of the Rosary from me. Some time later I stared to think about her and the Presentation and the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, and then I thought I have to have faith and believe in the power of just these prayers on their own. So when I went to Mass I looked at Jesus when the Communion and the Chalice were raised, and I asked to Child Jesus to help the dead lady. As for Saint Bridget, I bless her holy name in Heaven and I ask Jesus to bless her mission that we are all now involved in by saying and doing her prayers, and also remembering Jesus in this way. As for all of you above, not only will you get into Heaven but you have much work to do here and there. Get on and believe. Have faith in your prayers to our God, the God who is Jesus.

  22. Happy Birthday Saint Bridget – Eternal Father I offer you through Marys unblemished hands and the Sacred Heart of Jesus the Precious Blood of your Divine Son for the honour of Saint Bridget for the Holy Souls and the needs of the Holy Church. I praise Our Lord for the great graces he has bestowed on Saint Bridget – for these wonderful prayers – I think I ought to thank Our Lady – if I ma correct didn’t she dictate the seven years prayers ?

  23. I prayed the 15 prayers (one year) more than 12 times (to answer the question above that is 15 prayers each day for a year to obtain the promises) Result? All my children are firm Catholics (8 of them from 28 to 51 years old. My faith is stronger than I could ever have hoped for, working hard on continuous prayer in the Kingdom within, getting complete rid of self and all worldly desires for constant smiling, silence (but trying to be a perfect listener) and complete peace all the time. And miracle of miracles, He led me to the 12 year prayers of St. Bridgett, which I am now saying along with my wife. I use the Facebook version on my iPad when possible or when not, the booklet from Dupage Marian Center in Illinois. What a blessing! Use your head when these non-believers in the Vatican (i.e., no problem, “we don’t have to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart.” They are right, we don’t have to unless we would like to avoid WW III. Because of their refusal to obey God’s Mother, backed with an incredible miracle, we had WW II. Are we to now have WW III because of their obstinacy? The 12 year prayers are such an incredible gift, it is unbelievable. And listen to the message above that the promises are not just for yourself in not having to go to Purgatory (which hardly anyone avoids according to the Saints) but also your children and descendants through the 4th generation all will get to Heaven. For your sake and the sake of your descendants, don’t listen to “those of little faith,” but make the 12 year prayers as well as the one year prayers. You will personally see their truth as the POPES said, not some arrogant non-believers in the Vatican (Remember, they can’t even get Fatima right – we had WW II because of their refusal to put Mary in the position God wants her in (After all, She is the perfect daughter of God the Father, perfect Mother of God the Son, and perfect Spouse of God the Holy Spirit.)

  24. Hello Fr Finelli I have done the prayers and have had private revelations with Jesus which told me the prayers are authentic and all the promises are true.He has told me he was pleased that I did them. He grants all the promises of the 15 prayers and the 7 prayers for 12 years. I have earned them by doing them. But we still got to go and receive the eucharist and keep living in sanctity.I keep living my catholic faith.My father did them too and he alsohad something happen to him. I am very glad I did them.

  25. Praying the 15 prayers or the 7 prayers of St. Bridget will deepen spiritually and bring one closer to God even without accepting the promises.

  26. I found these beautiful prayers by St. Bridget about 1 month ago and started saying both the 15 and the 7 prayers. I initially was very happy to say the least by the promises related to these prayers for myself and my family. They are beautiful and I can see such a change in all my devotions and prayer life that I don’t particularly care that some group in 1966 found the promises not to be true. I also agree with the man who said that if several popes approved of them who is to say that the popes of this time say that they are not. I will always pray them for their beauty and honor to God regardless. Who is to say that the Pope 10-15 years from now will say that everything that we believed to be true about our religion is not valid now!

  27. I was brought here not by accident. My mom always said the 15 prayers using her Pieta prayer booklet. She passed away a few years ago. It is time for me to pick up the slack. I am beginning today to say both the 7 and 15. I know it will be good and a turning point toward Our Precious Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Beautiful and Holy Mother. How wonderful to come closer to God , help my legacy, help the souls in purgatory. I’m now accountable! I will post again in one year and twelve years…:)

    • I read recently that in 1968 Pope Paul VI surpressed indulgences found in old prayer books and approved a new Enchiridion of Indulgences listing 70 indulgenced works, prayers or devotions. What does this say to those of us who still pray some of the indulgenced prayers from old prayer books?
      Mary Ann Kerkvliet

      • Keep on praying. You have other ways to gain indulgences. All of our prayers open us to God’s graces even if the Church does not attach indulgences to them. “The Lord hears the cry of the poor.” He hears all of our prayers and responds to them also.

  28. I mentioned these prayers to my Bible sisters and hope they are praying them. I will bring them up again at our next meeting. I will also tell them of this wonderful website to inspire them to pray them. There were some who said twelve years was not doable. I said just add them to your daily prayers-they only take 10 minutes. One day at a time. They are now part of my prayer life. I believe they are authentic but as others have said: they are at a minimum beautiful meditations. Thank you St Bridgett and please pray for us and our families. Praise to Our Lord and all he has merited for us.

  29. Purgatory is not the punishment God gives us…it is what we decide to do for Him because we are fully aware of our sins committed here and how they hurt Him. We want to be clean when we stand before Him. Trust in these prayers and the promises attached to them. There are also 7 Sorrows of Mary and they come with promises too. 2 yrs this May and I say both. Trust in the Holy Father’s blessing. I don’t need anymore confirmation. 4 generations? I WILL remember what Mary and Jesus did for us …everyday and say Thank you ♥

  30. I have been praying this prayer for over 8 years and the booklet I received from a friend is worn out. How can I get more booklets for me and others in our parish to say these prayers?

    • Father Finelli,
      I have just posted a comment and question on the contact section and I hope that I did it right. It is important to me that I receive an answer to my comment please. I am a little confuse as to how to send in or comment . Thank you.
      Geraldine Andersen

    • Dear Father Finelli,
      Thank you for responding so quickly to me. I am not familiar yet with this site but I will make a greater attempt to do so. My question to you was that for the last 4 months I have been praying St. Bridgits 15 prayers and the 7 prayers and the 7 Sorrows of our Lady faithfully. Doing this has changed my pray life so much that I turn off the tv and indulge myself in these beautiful prayers. Why is it so hard to find any answers as to why a Pope in the 1960’s said that he could not believe with any certainty that St. Bridgits promises were actually truth or illusion. How can a pope during her century agreed that that were relevant but now they aren’t. My second question is St. Gertrude who lived 60 years or so before St. Bridgit was even born revealed these 15 prayers in St. Gertrude revelations are almost identical and as understand it, it was Jesus who authored these prayers. Please help me!

  31. https://prayers4reparation.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/promises-attached-to-making-the-stations-of-the-cross/ even so there are promises for making the way of the cross that we can be assured of. St bridget’s prayers are very similar to the stations of the cross. I was attracted to the st bridget prayers, however, because specifically the promises were so outrageous! ( i prayed them some time ago when my children were little. I was unaware of the 7 prayers) The natives have prayers said for the next 7 generations using the ‘old ways’. And if natives can pray for the preservation of the souls of their loved ones that far ahead we catholics are limiting the power of God’s mercy and love for us. By all means I trust that God indeed will help out the next 4 generations! He loves them more than we do! “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers and sisters?” Sometimes whenever I meet a person hunched over with spinal problems I see my great uncle Martin. No one will stop me from including that person in my prayers as if they were members of my family! Also when it comes to those promises the bible verse about the sheep recognising their master’s voice comes to mind. We can barely discern the difference between the good and the bad? Would the devil want us to say these prayers? It’s not the Devil’s voice we hear when we read those promises. It’s our dear sweet Lord still crazy in love with us. How many more graces then do we get when we attend mass or recite fervently the rosary? I’m thinking: so much more than this! Yet the Lord wants to steep us in prayer…look at the distractions of the world so close at hand!

    • I love these quotes. “Don’t let your fear be stronger than your faith.” And
      “We’ve read the Book—we know how it ends.” Blessed Mother says at Medjugorje, “Pray – Pray – Pray”. Let’s keep the faith and keep praying!
      God Bless Us One And All. PRAY FOR PRIESTS.

  32. The prayers are beautiful as said, but I can see how the promises can be refuted. If prayed by the wrong person, it can be very confusing. For example, it promises to save souls from purgatory. Just because one lived their life unjustly, and prays these prayers, it does not mean that you should get a “get out of hell ticket,” nor can you pray to get someone else out of hell.
    You can live an evil life with no remorse and yet say these prayers, and think that you will not go to hell is far and beyond or that you can remove any soul from hell.
    If you live your life by the will of God, then you will go to heaven, regardless of saying these prayers or not.
    You can’t just live at your own will (in sin)and expect to be forgiven at the hour of your death because you’ve recited these prayers for however long.
    Prayers should be prayed for guidance in everyday life, not for promises at the end of your life to be forgiven for everything.

    • I have been praying these 15 prayers and the 12 year prayers plus our Lady of Sorrows faithfully for 7 months now nightly. At first I said them because of the promises, than after reading that some of the promises are reputiated it didn’t matter that much anymore. I absolutely fell in love with them. My question is that several times I wrote in about St. Gertrude the Greats’ prayers that they are almost identical to St. Bridgits’ and that there is a little more than 100 years between their lifetime. Jesus supposedly gave these prayers to St. Gertrude and Our Lady gave her 7 Sorrows prayers to St. Bridgit with her own promises to those who say them just like the Rosary. What happens if Pope Francis now says that they all are untrue. How can one Pope anul what another Pope okayed hundreds of years ago.I truly hope that someone will answer this.

      thank you.

      Geraldine Andersen

      • I would very much appreciate it if Father Finelli or someone with knowledge please give me an answer to my questions. I have done this 3 times so far and can never get a response from anybody. Am I responding the wrong way when I leave my reply? Help needed!!!

        Thank you,

        Geraldine Andersen

        • Geraldine,
          I don’t believe a Pope can annul what another Pope has said but it seems that the previous Pope’s have said that these prayers are worth saying and beneficial but don’t make a comment on whether or not the promises are true. I believe if you say them, only good can come from it and a person with the dedication to them is certainly not a person who is leading an evil life and saying the prayers as a magic “get out of Purgatory card.” The Divine Mercy Chaplet and Novena as revealed to St. Faustina as well as those revelations to St. Margaret Mary about the Sacred Heart which include the nine First Fridays and 5 First Saturdays are also similar in content. One way or another Our Lord Jesus wants us to believe in his mercy and all these devotions help our faith. Our Lord will be merciful to those who are devoted to these prayers and devotions I am sure.

  33. If the promises are valid or not doesn’t matter, the prayer is beautiful and another way to try and say thank you to our Lord for loving us enough to suffer and die for us. We can never be thankful enough, and we can never offer up enough suffering on our own, so be thankful for this wonderful prayer!

  34. Geraldine–I don’t know if any of us, especially we lay people, can answer your question. But I KNOW all prayer is good and benefits someone, be it the person praying them or the person for whom they are being said. We must take so many things on faith and leave the rest in the hands of God and his Blessed Mother. And then we must let go and leave our thoughts and worries with God. We must stop searching and worrying about the things we will never find the answers to in our lifetime. I also say the prayer of the 12 years of St. Bridget and the prayer to release 1000 souls from purgatory each time it is said. I believe in the promises and leave the rest to God. He is all merciful and our salvation. Pray for His peace. God Bless You.

  35. I came across the one year of St. Bridget prayers on MeJ.com. I decided to start praying them. I had been saying them about a week and one morning I decided to wait until “later”. I even prayed was this ok and I got a yes. (free will comes in). Later when I started praying them, I got sick and had to go lay down. When I felt better, I finished them. Later that day, I found out that my cousin’s base in Afganistan had been attacked. When I asked the time of the attack, it was the same time as I had gotten “sick”. My cousin was saved, but others were not. The thing I always think of is if I would not have “put saying the prayers off” that morning, would the attack been averted or would the other men had lived? I won’t know till Heaven. I did say them for a year and plan to keep saying them until I die. Since it does take a little while, I break them up if needed.
    One day on the way home from work, I heard a voice telling me to pray the St. Bridget prayers. I was in my car, so I thought well, how am I going to do this. I called a family member to see if they were home, they were not, but I could get in backyard. I told them of my message and they said they would pray for whatever it was too. I went and got on my knees and prayed the prayers. I didn’t know why I got that message. The next day that same family member called and said I know what the message was about. Their daughter had almost been in a head on collision. You will never convince me that the prayers of St Bridget didn’t help to save her or my cousin.
    I had not heard of the 12 years of prayer until today when I came across this site. I will start them today.
    Sad thing is some I have shared my testimony with and even family members of the cousin and neicef, don’t seem interested in the prayers. If someone shared this kind of testimony with me about a prayer, I would be saying it.
    I still try to promote it when I can and hopefully there are some out there who say it, even I don’t know it.

    • Sometimes we plant a seed, and the seed needs time to sprout. Do not give up on those who ‘won’t listen.’ Intercede to God on their behalf. Someone prayed for us! Once Mother Angelica prayed for a boy in la la land and he woke up from his coma. God hears our prayers and knows our hearts. If you run your prayers through Mary, our mother straightens out whatever isn’t neat. 🙂 God bless, jayne

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  37. I completed the 12 year prayers last night in adoration and brought in the new year with Jesus. I offered my Holy Communion at Mass yesterday for all those who have ever prayed them, are praying them now, and will pray them in the future. I am with all of you and with God’s grace I will see you in heaven! Abundant joy this day! If you miss a day just make it up, don’t stop. Ask Mary to help you. Many blessings to all of you!

      • May God bless you and all who are saying these prayers. Let us all pray for one another to keep faithful to the Lord in our lives, and make that extra effort! It is hard but worth it. I have done the 15 prayers, and into my 5th year of the 7 prayers.

  38. I began saying the seven prayers Nov 26 2019. I am very concerned about my children who have turned away from the faith. I hope the promises are true for the sake of my kids. I find that these prayers very beautiful, and I have benefited from them in my prayer life. I will continue this devotion regardless of the veracity of the promises. God Bless

  39. Hi father! Thanx! Does it matter if you interrupt them like the rosary? I have been praying them without interruption for 10-15 minutes for a couple years and each time I that I need to answer to someone in middle of praying them (the one for 12 years) I start them over from prayer number 1. Any idea?

    • It’s always best to pray in a place and at a time that you can be free for God. But, it it is necessary, like caring for a child or the elderly, then it’s not a problem.

      • Thnx! Last thing: in fact I am worried for example: I am in the Chapel and I start to pray it. I calculate the time 15 minutes before the Mass, but the priest comes to celebrate the Mass. As a result I interrupt it, and its left the last Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be and the Angel or sometimes together with the seventh prayer. So my question is: should I start the prayer from the beginning after the Mass or just where I left it???
        Or when I am in the train: smb near me asks smth and once I interrupt it, should I start it from the beginning?
        Thank you so much and so sorry!
        I have been struggling with these questions for many years.

  40. Fr Thank you. Please can you make it available for me this little booklet of the 7prayers of st bridget. So i can buy it and you send it to me. I can walk with it and it can be handy to me. Is this possible than downloading the booklet? Thank you.
    I have prayed 15prayers of st bridget and memories them in my head. I am a witness i have seen miracle that i cant explain. I one time was carjacked and taken to the Bush, ONE of the gang wanted to rape me, i cried in my heart dont let them oh lord. All of a sudden they turned against each other like angry wolves,again i would go interviews,and i say in my heart lord am a devotee of your passion and your suffering and of the 15prayers remember me,and i succeed or walk at night and gangs or bad people with machete cant see me! And this is in afirca or am in problem in trouble i find myself the person is kind just like that, or i have no food,i find food or someone giving me some help without me asking ..I tell you sometimes i am going to sin,and i find my lets taking me to a different place and i dont go there,i all of a sudden loose interest of worldly things and Friends bad company they get afraid of me loose interest of me.. I sit thinking i am changed!!! Its real i dont tell anybody because people will think am crazy. But 15prayers is real real real! I cru because sometimes other miracle i have experienced if i put it down here many will think am crazy! I have prayed it with no interest of the promises. What made me pray was one thing i saw that Jesus will protect me from sudden death, and will prepare me before i die in my sin. Wooow this was the only thing i wanted! And from there i never stop. But be assured i have been praying since 2009 remember i pray them in a car walking when am not talking with friends. They r in my head and heart.. I dont look at any book. They are real.. you will experience something in you, that isnt of this world. God bless all of you… when jesus starts working in you,interest of the worldly things will start going off you.

  41. Father Finelli, this booklet is beautiful! I very recently came across St Bridget in a copy of the Pieta book which was sitting on the rear seat of my mother’s car whilst I was waiting for her to finish her eye test at the local optician (I was literally looking for something to
    merely pass the time – my phone battery had died!). When I finally got to the last of the 15 prayers in that book I was immediately struck by the line “like juice from grapes in a wine press” like it was so familiar but I don’t recall ever being aware of these prayers before that point – like a case of déjà vu! I have not been able to put this down since. Through this I also discovered the 7 prayers and currently listen/read along with a YouTube video of someone reading these prayers. Do you happen to also have one for the 15 prayers? Also, your link for a smaller booklet does not appear to be working. Would love to keep a “pocket copy” in every coat pocket/bag/car glove compartment I own! Thank you again for this lovely printable copy!

  42. I pray for all of you not to be discouraged by approval or not! Please say them in faith not for what they promised but because many grew into big saints for meditating on Jesus’s passion daily. As for me, I have done them 3 times in my life time so far and I can attest my life, but mostly my faith has greatly changed and like Fr.Finelli says is the faith in which you devoutly pray them, Jesus so generously will bless you. I have seen miracles in my life because of these prayers, please don’t be afraid to give this gift of your time to the Lord, I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

  43. I have been praying the 15 prayers. But sometimes I miss a day. Is it ok if I make it up by praying extra days?

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