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  1. I just wanted to make a comment on the first paragraph. I am not trying to get off the subject, but just wanted to bring up a point. The Confederate soldiers were not honored or decorated or considered soldiers of our armed services. They were regarded as rebels and renegades against the U.S. The families of the dead Confederates were left on their own with no benefits, relief or even sympathy from the U.S. They have their own website called the “Stars and Bars” who are the sons and daughters of the Confederacy. It’s another issue that makes the Civil War as vicious as a war can get.
    My other comment regarding All Souls Day is that I truly do believe we have to rely on the mercy of Jesus Christ even after our first death here. Many who die in mortal sin or who were not baptized still stand before Christ on an individual basis. It’s not a blanket condemnation or no other members of any religion would have a chance to enter the kingdom of heaven including our Jewish brothers. Just have to wait and see when our time comes. In the mean time keep praying and don’t give up. It’s a long struggle for all of us.

    • It is a very clear teaching of the Church that one who dies with mortal sin on their souls has not opportunity for salvation and are damned to hell for all eternity. When we leave this life, our time of mercy has ended. Jesus and the Church also teach about the necessity of Baptism for salvation. Baptism by water, blood or desire is necessary for eternal salvation.

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