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  1. Advent is the time of the year when we rejoice in the coming of Christ. Our history of salvation told of this event to come, all our failures and triumphs lead to this moment, and the holy virgin was create for this purpose. Where would we be without this miraculous wonder? Look around you and see the suffering inflicted and sin committed by the non believers. That is where we would be.
    Our time to rejoice because HE is among us, the maker of the Universe, Our Lord, now and forever. Oh, how powerful his birth is! I encourage everyone to pray more, even if you are not sure how to do it, just pick up a new prayer everyday and read it aloud; listen to the combination of words in the blessings you receive from your priest, and say the rosary faithfully. Your holy life will grow exponentially! Give to God what is God’s.
    I pray for you father Jay and to all the faithful who have seen and heard the word of Jesus thru our beloved Eileen George.
    Virgin most powerful pray for us.
    Beloved Eileen George Pray for us.
    God be with all of us.

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