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My predictions for the outcome of the Synod — 10 Comments

  1. I find it almost amusing that nobody seems to be taking into account that the Synod will conclude on Sunday with the Beatification of Pope Paul VI, the Pope of Humanae Vitae.

  2. Thank you Fr Jay. I so agree with you. I just referenced the same quote by Pope Emeritas Benedict. Hold tight. Our Lady and the True Presence will sustain the serious faithful Sheila kuzmic

  3. St John Paul II gave us the best advise in . “DOMINICAE CENAE” where he says that if we would do Adoration we could change the world. Very few people do Adoration are know what it is.

  4. I have been trying to understand “the Church’s discipline in regards to reception of Holy Communion.” Please, explain. This is very unclear, and I’m certain many people do not know how to perceive it. The language on this very important subject should be clear. I worry that the Church wasted a lot of time during last fifty years and now does not have enough time to explain things pertaining to the Faith in an effective way. The Faith is not a sentiment.

    • The church’s teachings on the eucharist has not changed. One must be in a state of grace and a baptized Catholic in order to be properly disposed for the sacrament. Anyone who receives the eucharist in a state of mortal sin commits a sacrilege. Anyone who defies the doctrines of the church or who is an enemy of the church commits sacrilege against the Body and Blood of Christ if he receives the eucharist. We do not have an open table and anyone who says so is a liberal and is not to be taken seriously.

  5. We as humans are always concerned about the numbers. More = Better, but God knows best. Quality over Quantity. Bless our Pope Emeritus, such an insightful man. One thing history has taught us is that the Church has suffered through the persecution by great Emperors only to “crystallize” into something more beautiful than ever before.

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