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Time to meditate on the messages of Akita — 4 Comments

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  2. The chastisement has to come to purify not only the world, but to purify even the Catholic Church at the highest order. The grace has gone out of the people who rule the Catholic Church. They have not given answers to many of the Lady’s portrayal of important events such as FATIMA, AKITA, GARABANDAL, LOURDES AND GUADALUPE

    The people who are in charge take to long to make known these messages, I’m sorry to say. Instead of some of the programs we see on TV, we should bring back films of THE SONG OF BERNADETTE, THE MIRACLE OF FATIMA, AND OTHERS on the TV stations of ABC, CBS, NBC FOX, ETC.

    If you believe, then now is the time to voice your opinion. However, we always wait for others to make such comments. Speak up, Speak up, evil triumphs when good people remain silent. Our Lady needs people in AMERICA to stand up and voice our needs for such programing before it is too late.

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