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The Reception of Holy Communion in the United States — 4 Comments

  1. As far as reverence of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus, I think we should start with some of the clergy. I’ve seen some priests when transferring the Host from one chalice to the other or to the ciborium treat the blessed Hosts like they were transferring candy from one dish to the other just pouring it in. The blessed Hosts should be placed reverently in other chalices. If the clergy start showing more reverence to the Blessed Sacrament then it would help the people to understand why it is Sacred. I’m talking about some priests and I’m sure most of them are doing this without realizing what this looks like. I’ve seen other actions that could be corrected to show reverence and is not done. You know that priests are always on display and what the people see they copy. I will say that I have been blessed to have several priests in my parish that are very excellent priests even though some actions should be reflected upon.

    • This has come about for the same reason. Today, anyone can touch the Sacred Host. In some parishes there are more Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion than there are people in the church. Priests are told to sit down, while lay people distribute Holy Communion. Communion patens were done away with. Communion in the Hand and standing has contributed greatly to all of the lack of belief in the Real Presence and has even effected some priests, who act as if they don’t believe in the Real Presence. All should read “Dominos Est” by Bishop Athanasius Schnider. Here is his interview on EWTN.

  2. Fr. Finelli, again you amaze me with your wanting to educate and bring the faithful into a deeper understanding of our faith. The Lord is truly working overtime in you. Thank you for your site and beautiful love for our Lord.

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