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  1. I visit a secular forum site, and the discussions taking place there really leave me feeling disgusted because it seems like pretty much everyone is ecstatic about this, and the few who bother to chime in about God and morals, end up being accused of twisting God’s word since to them, God said to love everyone and not to judge them/discriminate against them, etc..

  2. Father Finelli’s words and thoughts are insightful and certainly correct. Happily God eventually does bring good out of evil and no doubt a greater appreciation of the true spousal nature of marriage will evolve within the Church and within society once again. In the meantime, it is indeed a sad day and a sad era.

  3. Fr. Finelli, thank you so much for your words of truth and for working with Courage! The Courage members are so blessed to have good and faithful priest that walks the walk! Pax.

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