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iPadre 332 – Homily for 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time, b — 3 Comments

  1. This letter was sent to the Journal. It might not see print so I submit it here in agreement with Father’s homily:

    After 3500 years of philosophical enquiry, after 2000 years of theological examination, after 1000 years of legislative precedent, after 200 years of psychological analysis, American society has accepted the re-definition of marriage to include same-sex couples based on prime-time television programming. “Popular culture was a big opinion shaper, said Republican pollster Whit Ayres, citing the recent popularity of such TV shows as “Glee” and “Modern Family,” which brought prominent gay characters into the living rooms of America.” (America redefines itself for the 21st century, ProJo, 7/3/2015). Vice President Joseph Biden anticipated this conclusion on Meet the Press in 2012 when he cited the TV show “Will and Grace” as having done more for gay rights than any American legislature: “I think ‘Will & Grace’ probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody has ever done so far.” Modern society has a grave issue to ponder when some hip writers in New York and Los Angeles have more influence over contemporary thought and morals than Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Alighieri and Adler combined.

  2. Well said Fr. Finelli and Fr. Kiley. Well said. Although I have two children who suffer from same-sex attraction and addiction, my heart broke even more to pieces at the decision 5 justices made on behalf of the general public for the few of this country. May God have mercy on us all as I feel we are really living life here on earth in the hell we have made for ourselves.

  3. Same sex marriage is as digustiong as anything one can think of. can it lead to procreation? if so, then I approve of it. People are born as kleptomaniacs. why should the law not approve of robbery, fraud, burglary, murder etc as some have natural inclination towards therse crimes and are incoorigible. I believe there are more thieves inthe world than homosexuals. so let us legalise stealing. I rest my case.

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