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  1. I love the Divine Office. I use the 4-volume Breviary, but in our Morning Prayer Group we use the Christian Prayer, which isn’t as comprehensive as the 4-volume. In any case, the Divine Office is a real conversation with God. Prayer and Praise allow one to feel God’s presence in a beautiful way.

  2. i wish BP (or a blogger) would print an Ordo. It’d be nice to know you’re praying the right pages. I use divinumofficium.com, but it’s cumbersome.

    Fr, do you find you have enough time in the day to pray all 8 offices? I find the prayers rich, but I could never pray all of it. Seems a shame that Catholics wanting to pray the Office have to choose between the Overload of Magnificence (EF) and the Dreariness of Imminence (OF).

    Id love for you to do a post on your experiences with the Breviary and the Liturgy of the Hours. There’s so little out there to guide Catholics wanting……more.

    • On a day like today, it takes about 1-3/4 hours to pray the whole office according to the Breviaries Romanum. The little hours don’t take much time at all. Matins is the longest hour. It takes literally about an hour, depending on the feast.

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