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Why the Communion Paten? — 13 Comments

  1. Happily, at our parish, Queen of Peace, in Hawley, Pa, we do use the Communion Paten at all Sunday Masses when there is two altar servers. Sadly, they don’t always show up to serve Mass. As deacon, I do the servers part but also distribute Holy Communion too. Thanks for this post, Fr. Jay!

  2. I would also like to commend our priests in Skopje, Macedonia, who are well aware of the importance of keeping the Holy Communion safe from falling and insist on using the Communion Paten during every Mass. Thank you Father for keeping the faith alive!

  3. We use Communion patens in my parish at Sunday Mass; the pastor admitted it was partly to give the altar servers something to do! I’m afraid the kids would freak if they actually had to try to catch a dropped Host, something I’ve never seen happen. But in reference to the Real Presence, I believe you mean “this tenet” of our faith: tenants generally pay rent. Sorry, I’m a compulsive proofreader.

  4. If 90% of the congregation receives in the hand as in my parish, there is little need for the paten. A few of us receive on the tongue, and even genuflect, but were we to kneel, we’d probably have a pileup behind us. Good for you, Father.

  5. One time I was altar serving at my parish. I found some communion plates and thought I would use one in assisting the priest at communion. I was actually scolded during Mass. “We don’t use those. We don’t use those here.” I thought the old priest was going to have a heart attack.

  6. Still used at the Novus Ordo parish where my two sons take turns serving daily Mass. Unfortunately, a retired priest in residence never purifies the paten after Holy Communion or after Mass — he says because they use “flakeless hosts”. Sigh.

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