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An Urgent Appeal For Your Assistance — 15 Comments

  1. I will pray the Novena with you, Father. I believe Eileen’s intercession helped my son through his surgery and had the best possible outcome. Eileen is so close to the Father, I believe He will help with whatever she asks when He hears the urgent prayer requests. I am praying for your full recovery.

  2. You got it Father. I’ve asked for Eileen’s intercession numerous times and feel a closeness with her through you. I’ll be joining the novena for your healing. May God’s will be done!

    • She was a great mystic that the Father raised up in our own times. Her ministry was under the direction of her Trappist spiritual direction and a board of directors comprised of an Archbishop and priests. You can find our more here and here.

  3. Father Finelli, I will join you in praying the novena for your healing. Asking for the flowers Eileen will send to be transformed into the grace necessary for your complete and total recovery . Thank you for the opportunity to join you in prayer.

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