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  1. Father Finelli, I have been searching for information on Eileens mystical marriage ring, as I too heard her tell the story at a retreat. I could not find information for several searches and then decided to try at Meet the Father webpage. I found your podcast, recognized you from one of the afternoons I attended in the basement of St James ( ?) in Worcester 7 years ago, and listened to your story. I too was healed by Eileen, or as she told me, “Your faith healed you”. I had been diagnosed with probable Meniers and the ringing at times was so intense I could not hear people speaking infront of me. As a Speech Therapist this was not good for my career.

    During her retreat I was not experiencing an episode of the ringing in the ear, but was actually praying for the Holy Spirit to fill me, as I recently had my conversion and confirmation that Easter. As the healing session progressed Eileen looked my way and said, “your ear is healed”. I tilted my head so that someone behind me could receive their message. I then heard her say, “No you”. At that point I looked at her again and her gaze was so piecing that I actually stood up and as her eyes followed me I realized my ear diagnosis, and thought but did not say …How Do You Know?
    Eileen smiled closed her eyes and turned her head to another part of the audience before opening her eyes again to give another pilgrim their message.
    I too smelled the roses right before she came into the basement the first time I met her. And on another occasion in the basement, I brought my husband and sat upfront in the first pew on the left side. Her wheelchair was positioned to face the right side and her ability to look in our direction was impeded. I thought how sad because I wanted my husband to feel her presence since he knew she was instrumental in healing my ear. Well, she decided to take a break soon after at which time her chair turned toward us and she looked right at me smiled and said, “Don’t worry I know you are there.” I never said a word aloud about my disappointment that she couldn’t see us.

    Whenever I have a dry spell, haven’t felt the presence of God alive in me, or God forbid -hear an old demon, my saving grace is revisiting my memories of Eileen George. And within moments I am calmed. She is my moment of meeting the father.
    I can only imagine how much you miss her. I held on to her coat tails for such a brief moment and it saved my soul.

    Praised be Jesus Christ.

  2. Over the years, I purchased many of Eileen George’s talks on cassette tape. When everything became digitalized, I uploaded them onto ITunes and deleted the copies from my computer to free space. Unfortunately, these recordings vanished from my ITunes and I no longer have any copies. Is it possible you can put them on ITunes for purchase? Thanks

  3. Father J,

    I met Eileen George at a healing mass at King of Peace Church. She came up to me and spoke to me. I didn’t understand until years later. I think I may have the book. I need your guidance and directions. I suffer every lent I cannot eat. I know the ecstasy and the Agony. My daughter Candice Rose born 5/13/89 died in 2017. My Lord has always been in my life. However, I may have been one of her miracles. I am at the service of the Lord. I report for duty daily. I k owe the pains of a large ministry among the secular world as a social worker always asking for the Lords healing.

    • If you cannot eat, I would suggest talking to your doctor. If there is more, you would need to deal with your spiritual director or your parish priest.

      • It’s fine now father. He is risen. It was between 1986 & 1992 @ her healing in Phila. PA King of Peace Roman Catholic Church. No thank you. The priest at the parish are blind.

  4. Eileen George Was such an inspiration. She was one of a kind. I was A kid and no one could get my attention in the church. But Eileen came to our church st casmirs and spoke to us and i just Wanted more and more. You couldn’t get enough from her. I re A story and sold if we smelled flowers it means death. Someone you know is passing. I wish i remembered exact details does any one know?


    • Thanks for sharing. The smell of roses that followed Eileen around is called the Scent of Holiness. It is a little sign the Father gave us of the depths of Eileen’s holiness and union with God.

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