If you want to attract people to Mass, get rid of Latin!

Almost every Catholic parish you enter in the US, it would be a slight miracle to hear the least bit of Latin. During Lent and Advent, you might hear a Sanctus or Agnus Dei, but that is a far as it goes. Any pastor will tell you that Latin will chase people away. If you want people to come to Mass, you have to give them what they want. Young people want music that sounds like their music. Guitars, drums, keyboards and a good base will create the atmosphere that everyone wants. Besides, if you have Latin, people don’t understand it and they will go elsewhere. The kids and young people want their culture.

We all know this has been a big success. Our churches are much fuller than they ever where. This is not the case at all. Contemporary “Christian” music doesn’t hold a candle to what our young people listen to. It is a poor imitation of the “real” thing.

Besides, who says that our young people hate Latin? It’s only the older people who for the past 50  years have been told that Latin is outdated, impractical, and not with the times who reject it. Priests, and Liturgists have told the Catholic faithful that our young people can’t relate to Latin chant and sacred song. But I want to tell you, they are dead wrong. Every Sunday, the voices that I hear belt out the Latin Mass parts the loudest are those who are the closest to me, my altar boys. Below is a clip of Tommy singing a solo. He only had a small sheet of paper with words written on it and no music notation. Tommy also serves most of my funerals. He sings the Requiem, In Paradisum, all the Mass parts, and many of the Sacred humans and chants from memory. Tommy is 10 years old and has been doing this for years. Everyone that sees and hears him sing is moved and inspired. Meet Tommy.

I say if you want to attract young people to Mass, challenge them and give them something that will help them enter into the sacred and not what they have in the world.



WFL West Coast 2015

The Walk For Life West Coast 2015

January 24th in San Francisco

After the March for Life in DC, the Walk for Life West Coast is the largest pro-life event in our country – last year it drew over 50,000 attendees and we are hoping for more this year!

Check out this great promo video.

Merry Christmas!

I wish to you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas! May you experience the love and mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I will remember you in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Christmas.

Holy Ghost Church - Tiverton, Rhode Island - Christmas 2014

Holy Ghost Church – Tiverton, Rhode Island – Christmas 2014