Hacksaw Ridge

Mel Gibson’s latest movie Hacksaw Ridge will be released on November 4th. I think this movie is going to be one of those at the top of the charts. It’s one of those movies that causes you to look into yourself and ask the hard questions. “Do I have the courage to do what this guy did?” and “Do I have the courage to do what I believe?”

Some people have the special touch when it comes to making movies, and Mel Gibson is one of those who do. This is going to be a big hit. It goes to the heart.

Check out the trailer below.

Pictures from the Solemn Pontifical Mass at the Faldstool with Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Here are some pictures for the Pontifical Mass on 29 June 2016

iPadre #359 – Bishop Schneider’s sermon

Bishop Schneider giving his sermon at Holy Ghost

Bishop Schneider giving his sermon at Holy Ghost

In this episode, I share Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s sermon from the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul. (You can download a hard copy below.) I also talk about Cardinal Sarah’s call for priests and bishops to move toward ad orientem worship. I also share some feedback.

– “The fidelity to holy Church and to the holy Eucharist” by Bishop Athanasius Schneider
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