Prayer for Flight 370

St. Anthony, patron of lost objects

St. Anthony of Padua

So many human means have been in search of Flight 370. At times there have been sightings and little signs of hope, yet nothing has yet been found. There is one saint who has found many things for me, and if we all seek his aid, he will come through for the good of all involved. Please join in this prayer for Flight 370 and all involved.

Saint Anthony, perfect imitator of Jesus, who received from God the special power of restoring lost things, grant that we may find Flight 370 which has been lost. As least restore to the passengers families, and all of us peace and tranquility of mind, the loss of so many souls which has afflicted us even more than  material loss.

To this favor we ask another of you: that we may always remain in possession of the true good that is God. Let us rather lose all things than lose God, our supreme good. Let us never suffer the loss of our greatest treasure, eternal life with God. Amen.

Hope for the future

We all tend to see so much bad going on in the world and how empty our churches have become, but here is a little light in the darkness.

On Friday night Matthew and Mark served Stations of the Cross. On their way home they told their dad that they can’t wait to serve the Traditional Latin Mass.


Today was also Tommy’s 10th birthday. He is my music director’s son. Tommy talks about becoming a priest. He’s holding my gift. Just a little way to encourage vocations. Fran said: “You should have seen him light up when he opened it.” Tommy probably serves more Masses at Holy Ghost than any one. Happy Birthday buddy!


Ten Lenten app suggestions

10 App Suggestions for Lent

We are often bogged down by technology. The social communication websites we all follow, piles of eMail we have to sort through each day, blogs we follow and the games we play can be a little overwhelming at times and sometimes very distracting. So, why not use the technology you have at hand to help you make this a better Lent. Here are my ten app suggestions for your mobile devices. Most of these apps are available in iOS and Android. I have given the link to the iOS and to the app’s websites. These are just a few of the apps that are on my iPhone and iPad. If you try them out, let me know and have a grace filled Lent!

1. Divine Office – If you pray the Divine Office on a regular basis, or don’t know where to begin, this app will be a great help. It is well laid out. If your tired from your day’s business, you can sit back and listen to it being prayed for you (unless your required to pray it yourself).

iOS App | Apps website | ($14.99)

2. Divine Mercy – This app comes from the Marians of the Immaculate Conception. They have an app that is packed with goodies – information about St. Fausting, Mercy Popes, excerpts from the Diary, a Timeline, Resources and of course, you have the Divine Mercy Devotions.

iOS App | App website | (Free)

3. Mass Explained – This is like an encyclopedia of the Mass. It is packed tight with great information, audio, video and really beautiful graphics. You can go wrong with this app!

iOS App | App website | ($24.99)

4. Confession – No, you can’t make your Confession on an iPad, but you can prepare to make a good Confession using an app. It’s Lent, go to Confession!

iOS App | App website | ($1.99)

5. iPieta – Here is another awesome app. This app is bursting at the seams with prayers, catechisms, writings of saints, Catholic Bible Commentaries and more. You can also download audio to much of the content and read it in English, Latin or have the two side by side.

iOS App | App website | ($3.00)

6. The Pope App – It’s just what it says. You can get the latest news, view the latest events and view live Papal events and more. This app is everything Pope Francis.

iOS App | App website (Free)

7. Consecration – If you haven’t made total Consecration to Jesus, through Mary, this is the app for you. All of the prayers are at your fingertips and your can turn on a daily reminder.

iOS | App website | (Free)

8. Logos Bible – This is just the basic, with some free resources, but you can add on many Catholic study aids to this app and get a full blown application for your computer. I use the desktop version for homily and talk preparation. It’s a really great resource.

iOS | App website | (Free)

9. iMissal – Readings and prayers for the Roman Catholic Mass in the Ordinary Form, all with the new translation.

iOS | App website | ($4.99)

10. iPadre – Yes, this is the app for my podcast. You can download and listen to over 315 episodes of the iPadre Catholic Podcast. You can also send in feedback directly from the app, share episodes, follow the show note links and on occasion, as time permits, I have Show Extras.

iOS | Android | Website | (.99)