National Day of Prayer for families and against pornography

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Today is the National Day of Prayer for families and against pornography.

240+ leaders came together just 5 months later and the movement has been forever changed. Sign the petition to pray for marriages today!

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National Day of Prayer: December 9, 2014! I pledge to join thousands of others in this day of prayer to strengthen the fight against pornography: Suggested Prayer Requests Help those who are struggling with pornography use; Strengthen the partners of pornography users that they will be healed, find…

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Review of “The Vatican Museums 3D”

Through the years, I have personally visited the Vatican Museums at least half a dozen times. The Museums are vast and wide. Something that you cannot take in with just one visit, or many visits. However, “The Vatican Museums 3D” gives unique perspective. It does not try to who everything that there is to be seen, but picks a good number of highlights, and gives a little more insight into each of them. This film gives the background of how the museums came about and why they continue to grow. I think this film will enlighten and inspire even those take this cinematic journey. The film provides great commentary, music and cinematographic action, all tied in with 3D, to present the Vatican Museums as they have never been viewed before.

Even if you don’t take a shot a winning one of two pairs of tickets to see this great film. You can still find a showtime near you. For more information about the film and for showtimes, click here.

Win tickets to see: The Vatican Museums in 3D

vatican_museums_3dHow would you like to win a pair of two tickets to see a beautiful 3D journey into the Vatican Museums. There will be a nation wide release of this film next week. Take a look at a preview below.

You have to act immediately or you could miss out on this great opportunity!

I have two sets of two tickets to give away. And, the drawing will happen at 9 am Eastern Time, on Friday morning. All you have to do is send me an eMail with your Name, Address and eMail address. State in the subject line of the eMail: “Vatican Museum Film Tickets.” The tickets will be sent out by Fedex tomorrow afternoon. Don’t wait, take a few moments now to view the trailer and then send me an eMail.

iPadre #323 – The Liturgical Year


Today, we are going to talk about the Church’s Liturgical Year. I also talk a little bit more about polygamy. Do we have to believe in the miracles of the saints?

– “Alma Redemptoris Mater” by St. Barnabas Anglican Church
- What is the truth Catholic Podcast by Deacon Steve
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The highest tidal rise in the world

Bay of Funday has the highest tidal rise in the world. On average, the tides range between 47.5 and 53.5 feet, twice a day. That sure is a lot of water to move in such a short time period. There are a few cool videos to demonstrate how cool and  how dangerous these tides can be. In some places, the tide goes out almost three miles. You had better not walk out there, because you wouldn’t have enough time to make it safely back to shore. Enjoy!

The first shows the tide coming in. The flow of the river is actually made to go in reverse. Just get out of the way!

This is a time lapse at Hopewell Rocks, with the tide rising 45.6 feet.

The last video shows the tides rising in only 27 minutes.