iPadre #331 – Walk through the Mass – part 3

ipadre-331-mass-03In this episode, we finish our series on the Mass. We have feedback. There is a question about gambling and another about vocations.

Loving and Living the Mass by Fr. Thomas Kocik

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Erasing history is not a good precedent

It seem as if the social unrest of the 1960’s is returning. However, this time it is with a lack of reverence for God and for our fellow man. In the 60’s churches of all denominations were overflowing. The Civil Rights Movement was lead and guided by people of faith in Jesus Christ. Martin Luther King did not march alone. He was standing side-by-side and walking hand-in-hand with  Protestant ministers of many confessions and also Catholic Priests. They marched on their religious convictions and fought for the dignity of the African Americans who were treated as non citizens.

We are living in dangerous times. It is not good to try to erase history. “He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it.” Better to leave our history in full view to remind us and future generations from where we came, and where we never wish to return. No one of right mind wants to return to slavery. It is an evil that has been overcome. But removing a stained glass window with the Confederate Flag would be like raising the Nazi prison camps. Let them remain as a stark and to some painful remind of past evils, so that no one will every allow them to return.

The National Cathedral in Washington, DC has stained glass windows commemorating the Civil War. One of the windows contains a Confederate Flag. The window was probably view thousands of times since it was first placed in the cathedral. Yet now that we are in the midst of cultural upheaval there is a call for it’s removal. Would it not be better to have a plaque explaining the window and it’s original intent? I fear we are rewriting our history in many ways because we wish to be politically correct. But a people who knows not it’s history not only makes the same mistakes, they forget who they are and where they are going.

National Cathedral: Confederate Flag windows Should Come Down

Same-sex what?


As you must know by now, the United States Supreme Court has declared that people of the same-sex have a right to marry one another by a 5-4 vote. This is indeed a tragic and sad moment in the history of our nation, a nation founded on Judaeo – Christian values. This was once a nation of high moral standards. But, it all began to fall apart some 42 years ago, when the same court making abortion on demand the law of the land. Abortion became the new contraception and sex became recreation. The decision of today’s court only follows on years of judicial abuse by the same court.

What will flow from this evil decision will be left to be seen. However, it is clear that the tone that is now afoot in this nation is flagrantly anti-religion and anti-morality. We live in a live and let live society. Although that only goes for those who reject traditional morality, all others are told to conform to the new morality or else. The mouthpiece of the Democratic Party and the cultural elite, Hillary Clinton summed it like this: “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” What Clinton meant was those who disagree with abortion on demand, same-sex marriage or any other immoral behavior ought to come on board or be punished for their disobedience.

We are now dealing with a new nation. The United States of America has been transformed under the many illegal actions of the Obama administration. It is as if we were living in the U.S.S.R. or the Third Reich. The people who insist on tolerance are the most intolerant. Yet, that is their weapon of choice. Language has been hijacked to meet the needs of the Alinskyites. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, in his homily for the as the Dean of the College of Cardinals which elected him as Supreme Pontiff stated: “We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one’s own ego and desires.” This was the battle cry and wake-call that went unheeded.

Because of the silence of clergy of all ranks, the people of God has remained uneducated in even the most basic tenants of our Catholic faith. The have been evangelized by the world and accepted the new morality, even if out of fear of retribution. We have become a Church ever shrinking of people who will accept any compromise that comes down the pipe.

Many think the left has achieved it goal. This however, is only the beginning. In his book, Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky writes: ““Curiosity and irreverence go together. Curiosity cannot exist without the other. Curiosity asks, “Is this true?” “Just because this has always been the way, is the best or right way of life, the best or right religion, political or economic value, morality?” To the questioner, nothing is sacred. He detests dogma, defies any finite definition of morality, rebels against any repression of a free, open search of ideas no matter where they may lead. He is challenging, insulting, agitating, discrediting. He stirs unrest.” This radical will never cease, until they have wiped religion and morality off the face of the earth.

So what comes after same-sex marriage? The next step will be to demand all marriage officiants obey the law. It will start with civil officiants. Churches will either renounce their ability to perform civil ceremonies, or be denied that privilege. After this will come the attack on religious officials who refuse same-sex couples. They will once again use our language to weaken us. “How cold hearted.” “How judgmental.” “Jesus wouldn’t judge anyone like this.” “Christians are called to love everyone, they are so intolerant.” Next, they will demand compliance or consequences.

So, you think today’s decision will have no consequences? They didn’t think it could happen in Mexico until President Plutarco Cailes imposed anti-clerical laws in 1924. Approximately 90,000 people were killed in the three year war (1926-1929).

What can you do to change the situation? First, and most importantly you can pray, do penance and sacrifice. Strive to become the saint that you are called to be. Second, you can take part in the political process. Do not say that you can’t make a difference. Vote as a good and well formed Catholic should vote. And finally, speak up. Call your elected officials, not only when they do what is wrong, but to thank and encourage them when they do what is right.

We are living in very difficult times. I even think they are worse than the dark ages. However, we have hope. Good always conquers evil!