The Lord IS coming!

Have you ever thought about your own death?  Did you wonder when it will be and where you will be?  Did you ever think that you might die when you least expect it?  You are probably thinking that I am being morbid.  I’m not being morbid, Monastic and Religious life kept death at the front of their thoughts, especially in the past.  Why would they want to think about death you ask, because Jesus said: “You know not the day or the hour.”  “I come like a thief in the night.”

All of us need to be aware that the day, the time and the place of our death is already known to God.  All of us you who are reading this and all of those who are not will die.  There is not one person on earth who is immortal.  Yes, we will live forever, but not by our own power.  Jesus overcame the power of satan, sin and death and gave us the hope of eternal life.  Death was destroyed and life is victorious because of the passion, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

However, we must be aware that we are going to die and in the not too distant future.  Everyone on this earth today will be gone in the next 100 years, give or take a few years.  So, why do we need to know this?  We need to reflect on our finite life, so that we can make the most of today.  Today, I will live my baptismal call to the fullest, I will be the best priest that God has called me to be, I will be the best wife or husband, mother, father, son, daughter, student, trash collector, secretary, …  that I can be, all for the glory of God and for the spread of His kingdom.

The sold reason that we are on this earth is to “know, love and serve” the Lord all the days of our life.  We tend to live the best life when we know that our time is limited.  So once again I ask you: Have you ever thought about your own death?

iPadre # 177 -Why do I exist?

The most fundamental question of life is, “Why do I exist?”  Do you know why you exist, why you live where you live, and are where you are in 2010?  Why is the Lord’s Prayer only found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke?  And we come some other feedback.

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Life’s A Rat Race

On Monday, I had some important errands in New York City.  We drove from Rhode Island to New Haven, CT where we climbed aboard a Metro-North train for Grand Central Station.  We were on a local, so we could have arrived in the city much quicker if we drove right in.  However, this eliminated the need for finding a place to park. (On my last trip my car was towed and it took us four hours to get it back.)

We arrived safely and had an enjoyable trip.  My first stop was only six blocks south of Grand Central Station and St. Patrick’s Cathedral another fourteen blocks north.  After a nice visit to St. Patrick’s, we managed a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant  just behind the church.  From there, we had to get back to Grand Central to head back to New Haven and drive home.

What struck us most on this trip and we all said it a number of times, “I could never do this every day!”.  Some of reading this may be among those who do do this every day – God bless you!

What struck me and my traveling companions the most was the look of so many people.  It was like zombies walking down the street, blank stares, and going through the motions.

My thought is this.  Do we enjoy our daily lives?  Are we miserable in what we are doing?  Where can we find peace, even if our daily work and commute involves something like I saw on Monday?  I think the problem is that most people today do not have a relationship with God.  People’s hearts are empty and longing for something more than the daily grind.

If you are in the daily rat race, and even if you are not, spend some time in prayer every day.  Turn to the Lord in the morning as you begin your day, and turn to Him for a few moments throughout your day.  Above all, if you can possibly find a way, sneak in a daily Mass.  There is a popular bumper sticker that reads: “No Jesus, no peace! Know Jesus, know peace!”  How true that is.

If you are caught in the rat race, let Jesus help you through.  The perfect example is Blessed Mother Theresa.  Before her Sisters go out to work in the streets and face the pain and tragedy of the most downtrodden people, they spend two hours praying before the Blessed Sacrament.  While that is not possible for most working people, all of us can spend some moments throughout our days communing with the Lord in short prayers and ejaculations.